If you’re considering getting married in Orlando then that’s great news as you’ve picked one of the world’s sunniest spots in which to tie the knot. There’s a whole range of options when it comes to getting hitched in this part of the Sunshine State, whether you’re looking for a wedding that is extravagant and ostentatious or simple and stylish. For those planning their nuptials in Orlando, here is some essential information:

The where’s…

There’s an enormous range of locations for getting married in Orlando and the area is geared up towards laying on the perfect day for blushing brides and grooms. Beach weddings are pretty popular thanks to the almost perfect weather, and if you’re looking for beautiful seafront vistas without getting sand in your shoes then you’ll find lots of venues overlooking the spectacular coastline.

Local hotels offer some pretty comprehensive wedding packages and you can event get married at Walt Disney World if that’s what floats your boat. Then there are lush botanic gardens, estate houses, golf courses, the Hard Rock Café or just a good old traditional chapel wedding. Of course, if you’re looking for a novelty wedding day, there’s no shortage of those either – you can even hold your wedding on a kayak if you want to!

The Why’s…

So, why would you choose to get married in Orlando? Well there are many reasons why thousands tie the knot in The Beautiful City but one of the most compelling has to be that there are so many places to do it! Thanks to the number of theme parks in the area Orlando is geared up for tourism, which makes it one of the hottest spots in the world when it comes to a top flight service industry.


Throw in the stunning natural beauty of the area, romantic locations such as Honeymoon Island and Lovers Key and the perfect weather and those are some very good reasons why Orlando has much to offer those looking to tie the knot.

The How’s…

Getting married in Orlando is pretty simple and even if you don’t have a clear idea of how you want your wedding to be, there’s plenty here to inspire. To be legally married under Florida law you will require a marriage licence and you will need to be at least 18 years old to obtain this. It usually takes around three days to get a marriage licence from the day you apply and will cost around $100.

The licence is required before the ceremony can take place and you won’t be legally married without it. In terms of who can perform the ceremony, Notaries Public of the State of Florida, ordained clergy, Florida judges, clerks of the court and their deputies and elders in communion with a church can do so.

There are a few others who can perform a marriage in specific communities but do be sure you have the right man or woman for the job before going ahead with it. In terms of securing your venue there is usually a small deposit to pay depending on the location – remember that the more popular it is, the earlier you will need to book it.

Getting married in Orlando is a great idea for couples who are keen on stunning natural locations, great facilities and some weird and wonderful ways to tie the knot. From Disney princesses, to those who want to get hitched under water, Orlando welcomes all sorts to get once in a lifetime wed here.

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