As you may or may not know, the wedding is now less than 6 months away. Where has the time gone?! Although I’m not quite freaking out yet (I’m not sure if I should or shouldn’t; actually a David’s Bridal consultant just called me), I’m slowly but surely trying to get as much together as possible.

One of my main concerns, of course, is losing weight. I gained a substantial amount of weight, and although my wedding dress fit perfectly, I would love to re-flatten my abs and tone up everywhere else. Like millions of other Americans, I made weight loss my number one New Year’s resolution. With the 90 day probation period over at work, I had finally got my free membership to Spectrum gym. Unfortunately, along with the lay off, my membership had come and gone. I still have my membership at 24 Hour Fitness, which is nice to know.

But it’s more than having a membership. I need to change my lifestyle. Although we’re an old married couple, Tej and I don’t necessarily cook all the time. We tend to eat out a lot and of course we stock up on junk food like any other 20 year old couple. Last time I went grocery shopping, I chose some healthier choices, but with depression comes the lack of energy to cook those healthy things. So pizzas one night and Taco Bell the next were typical.

Yesterday, I cooked some grilled Swai filets and steamed mixed veggies for lunch. But, of course, Valentine’s Day was also yesterday, so we had BJ’s buffalo chicken pizza and a chocolate chunk pizookie. I didn’t feel guilty as I probably otherwise would have because I also forced myself to walk to the local park and do 6 laps around (which ended up being 2 miles). Calorie burning win!

After that experience, I got on Amazon to finally use my $100 gift card I got for Christmas to use it on something useful. I purchased a pair of Reebok EasyTone shoes and a pedometer. I’m determined to lose this weight! Today, I went to our old apartment (which we still have, long story) and went to the exercise room to work out. I did a mile and a half and also hit the weights and stretched. I feel the burn, definitely. Afterwards, I headed over to Juice It Up to grab a healthy post-workout snack: Lucky Lemon Punch smoothie with a Fat Burner boost.

My ultimate goal for weight loss is at least 20 pounds, but I would love it if I could lose 30. Did you see Jennifer Hudson on Oprah? She looks great! I want to lose weight like she did; Weight Watchers is definitely still an option but I’d love to do it myself. There’s some great classes at 24 Hour Fitness that I can/should join in on, especially while I have this “free time”. If I work hard, I’m confident I can drop the pounds even quicker than I anticipate.

What are your favorite work outs and exercises? Do you have a gym membership? How much weight have you lost?

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