One of the most enjoyable aspects of planning a wedding is coming up with new and exciting ways for your guests to have a great time. You know you’ll always remember your wedding day, but will your guests? With interactive party favors, your friends and family are sure to have a memorable time. They won’t be bored while they wait through pictures, dances, speeches and the like if you provide even one of these fun and interactive reception party favors: 

  • Instant cameras: Place a camera at every table so your guests can snap pictures that you can develop later. They’ll provide a much different perspective than your photographer and have a great time doing it.
  • Fancy Napkin Rings: Depending on your budget, you can offer napkin rings that your guests are able to take home with them. Some great ideas for this are wine glass charms or putting 4 matching rings on each place setting so they can take home a full set!
  • Sparklers: A great and inexpensive way to make your reception really sizzle is to add the fun and excitement of sparklers! Your guests will have a blast lighting them up and may even surprise your and your new spouse with them upon your arrival! The perfect alternative to birdseed, you may choose to hand this great interactive favor out right after the ceremony.
  • Bubbles: A classic, self-cleaning, welcome addition to any party! Bubble solution and bubble wands will provide your guests with entertainment while perfectly complementing the joyous occasion.
  • Silly String: Available in a range of colors, you can find silly sting to match your theme. This favor is ideal for an outdoor wedding with lots of space for your guests to really let loose and have a great time.
  • Fake Mustaches: You’ll be surprised at how much fun your guests will invent with this inexpensive and unique party favor. Get ready for your friends and family to thoroughly occupy themselves with the fun of donning faux mustaches and posing for pictures.
  • Sketch Pads: You can’t go wrong with providing your guests with the tools they need to let out their creative side. Perhaps even leave them suggestions like “draw the bride and groom”. Together, with provided colored pencils or crayons, they’ll have a blast illustrating lasting memories.
  • Trivia: Nothing gets the conversation going at a table like a game of trivia. You can use standard trivial questions or make up your own about the bride and groom, their family, and even the guests!
  • Puzzles: Leave fun, theme inspired jigsaw puzzles to keep your guests occupied. You may even be able to create puzzles of your own featuring a photo of the bride and groom or a special message to your guests. The possibilities are endless!
  • Cootie Catchers: In keeping with the overall romantic theme of any wedding, cootie catchers are a great option to leave at every place setting. These middle school staples will be a great icebreaker and ensure a fun time for all.

Remember, wedding receptions are all about celebrating the love a bride and groom have for each other. The best party favors are the ones that really express the spark between two people in a fun, memorable, and interactive way.