Last night I was pretty much couch/bed bound, but still needed to get work done. So what did I do? Wedding planning! Our venue is already chosen, and the venue requires we use their catering service. Thankfully, it’s not just some random chefs in the kitchen. Their catering is done by Jay’s Catering. So I took a look at the menu and was looking at my options.

One of the things I’m really¬†adamant about is clearly the budget. With a guest list of 200 people and trying to have a wedding under $7,000, I allotted $4,000 to be for the food. That estimates to $20 per person. This is one reason I chose this venue; if I went in anywhere else asking for this kind of budget, I’d be laughed right out of the business. I was able to narrow my options from there.

The second thing I was considering was to give my guest choices. I didn’t want to go with just one meal; I wanted them to be able to choose. That meant I was looking at choices that probably offered chicken or beef. I’m a carnivore myself, and prefer beef, but I know not all my guests are big on red meat. This further narrowed my choices.

Last but not least, I prefer a buffet setting. It encourages people to get up and mingle instead of waiting for the waiters to get them their food. So now I was down to a few choices that made it easier for me to decide what would be on the menu.

I’m looking at 2 different menues: BBQ & Italian. In the BBQ menu, I’m looking at brisket and chicken. In the Italian menu I’m looking at two different kinds of pasta that incorporate meat. When I asked the Mr. he never gave me an answer, so it looks like it’s up to me.

So which would you prefer to have if you were coming to my wedding? Keep in mind it will be a summer evening and will truly be dinner. What did you serve at your dinner? Am I giving my guests too much power?

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