The stress of living a life in debt is hard. It gets even more difficult when you weigh in relying mostly on one income. But what happens when the other person may be losing their job too?

My husband works at a corrugator plant for a large corporation. They deal with making packaging for different companies, mostly boxes. He’s been working there for over a year, and got the job through his brother, who is now his supervisor. This job is the reason we moved to Orange County. The job can be potentially dangerous, operating heavy machinery, and there have been injuries and even deaths. This makes safety the number one priority and concern of the company. Second to that is quality.

They have been losing clients for the past couple of months due to the poor quality of the products (messed up orders) and there have been several issues of safety concerns, including an electrical fire yesterday that caused a worker’s shirt to catch on fire. There was an emergency meeting where the higher ups informed the workers if things don’t get better, the plant would shut down. Not good news for anyone involved, but especially us.

Since the layoff, my husband has been the primary breadwinner. I know it’s hard on him because his job is physically demanding, and definitely stressful. If he loses his job, we’re going to go into financial crisis mode. Today I’m calling a financial family meeting. We’ll have to discuss our options, gather our resources, and come up with an aggressive action plan.

How will we work things out in the case he loses his job? I’ve been out of work for 7 months, and have been doing the best I can to find a “real job” with no luck. I’ve had more experience collectively than him. I’ve had internships and part time jobs since I was 15. He, however, has had more longevity. He’s had 3 jobs, 2 of which have been full time for over one year. I’m going to do the best I can to help him find work, but I’m nervous.

Financially we’ll have to figure out how to make ends meet, something we’re already having a hard time doing. Rent, cars and insurance is baffling enough. We also have to pay debt. Any form of entertainment will have to be cut. We just reduced our Netflix membership due to the ridiculous increase in price. Cable will have to go, but Internet is important for me to do my work.

We have very supportive parents, but we’re not going to be able to lean on them. His dad retired this year, and his mom lost her job a couple of years ago. They’re on a limited, fixed income. My mom stays with my grandparents until she can find/afford a house again. My dad moved to a new home after his divorce, but is also financially taking care of my other grandparents, and preparing for my younger sister to go to college.

We’re going to have to have a serious heart to heart and prepare for a plan A, B and C. Has anyone else had to do this? What concerns did you bring up? What are some things you did?

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