I mentioned last week that I did not get a job offer for a position I was applying for recently. I was a little bummed, but wasn’t for long. I mentioned working on a new project that I’m hoping to debut by next week (if I stay dedicated and focused this week, which I should). I’ve been weighing my options and really thinking about the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur vs. being an employee.

After being laid off for 6 months, honestly, I’m extremely burned out on looking for / applying for jobs. I’ve been giving an honest effort, and have yet to find a position. I’ve looked everywhere, applied to literally hundreds of places, to no avail. It’s been an emotional roller coaster, trying to figure out what I’m going to do financially, and how we’re going to make things work.

Being an employee has its perks. You have a position that includes interaction with other human beings face to face, you get a steady paycheck, potentially benefits, and potential to move up the corporate ladder. Many companies, however, want you to come into work everyday, which may include a long commute (especially for me), and is not the best for my health because I have to include exercise and more strict nutritional guidelines.

Being an entrepreneur is exciting, and can be a great money maker, depending on what you do. You get the freedom to work where you want to work, set your own hours, not report to anyone, and do what you want. The lack of discipline, however, can be bad for some people, and the lack of one-on-one communication/interaction can get lonely at times, and medical benefits are harder to come by.

I have an entrepreneur mind; I’m ambitious, I work hard, I can be disciplined enough to know I have to work. I hate commuting, and hate having to sit in one spot for 8-9 hours at a time. I want the freedom to work out and go in the kitchen to eat my own food, and when we start a family, I want the freedom of being at home with our kids. So I’m going for it.

My online company has been part time; I haven’t been fully dedicated to it in hopes that I would get a call saying “you’re hired”, but the past 144 days have been a struggle physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. When have you heard of an employee being famous, anyways? Not that I’m looking for fame, or even fortune. I’m looking to have a successful career to allow my husband and I to live a comfortable lifestyle. This means paying our bills without stressing, getting us out of debt, building a healthy emergency fund, preparing for babies, and allowing us to travel.

I know some of my favorite bloggers are doing it full time, and I want to follow in their footsteps. One thing I’m preparing to do is becoming legal, by making my company an LLC (or S corp; we’ll see). I’m excited, I’m anxious, but I’m also determined to make it work. I’m the best planner I know, so I know I can do it.

How many of you have your own business? Was it hard to get started/stay motivated?

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