I don’t know if you guys have been experiencing it, but there’s definitely been some illness going around. My 2 year old little cousin had pneumonia, then my grandpa, then my mom and grandma got sick, then Tej got sick, then I got sick. Now Tej is sick again. It’s been absolutely insane! Doctors visits, antibiotics, vitamin C, and lots of tea. The flu, a cold, pneumonia, allergies, no matter what, people around me have been sick.

I like to call myself Doctor Binky. Usually when people give me symptoms, I can go ahead and diagnose you and give you home remedies. I absolutely hate going to the doctor. There was a period of time where I went to the doctor literally every week. I was that sick. So I’ve learned to doctor from home.

I am a firm believer of home remedies. I keep a few things in my home that I believe will usually take care of the symptoms of a cold/flu:

  • Soup: Soup is the most awesome remedy. I love soup anyways, but it has some great healing properties. My favorites are chicken noodle and chicken tortilla. I know Campbell’s is condensed but you really can’t go wrong.
  • Tissue: I’m an advocate of Kleenex haha. My allergies are horrendous when they act up, and I can go through a box a day. I love the tissue with lotion because otherwise my nose gets so irritated, it chaps and scabs (not fun). I also enjoy the tissue with anti-viral specs in it.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is supposed to be the most butt kicking vitamin of all time! You can of course get it from your orange juice, but I also got some vitamin supplements. It helps keep your immune system up to speed.
  • Gatorade: Weird right? When you get sick, sometimes you become dehydrated because you can’t keep anything in your stomach. Hydrating from gatorade keeps liquid and electrolytes in your body. I just stocked up on Gatorade from Albertsons (10 for $10 is awesome!)
  • Medicine: I stay with Dayquil, Nyquil, Aleve, Ibuprofin, and all sorts of allergy medications. Depending on the illness, medicine is much needed.

To me, when I go to the doctor, they’re so quick to prescribe antibiotics and steroids. After awhile, you start to get immune to it. I’m sure there’s some other things I should stock up on at home. Any suggestions?

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