It’s not all that uncommon, especially with older generations. There are some couples who swear that sleeping in separate bedrooms has kept them married for years and years. And sources say the trend is on the rise again. According to Huffington Post, separate bedrooms can steam up a marriage. Sort of playing on the “absence makes the heart grow fonder” saying, couples insist that having separate bedrooms and/or bathrooms keeps the spice in your life, indicating that being a little more reserved about your nudity and other strange habits we discover about our spouse when we move in together more of a secret.

Can you remember the time you saw your husband shaving naked? Have you tried to forget that day you discovered your wife poops too? Would you go to the extreme of being a little more conservative with your openness? I took to the social sphere to find out what others thought:

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I asked hubby what he thought and he said:

I think I watched my grandparents sleep in separate bedrooms for 20 years and I never understood it.

Sound off! What do you think about separate bedrooms? Does it set the flames or put them out?