There is the common misconception that dating someone must cost an arm and a leg. After all, you need to spend money to take them out, show them a good time, enjoy a movie, vacation together and experience special events with one another. Well, sure, to do all of these things it might cost money, but this doesn’t mean you have to blow your entire weekly wages on date night. There are far easier ways to enjoy one another’s company on date night, without ever spending very much at all. Instead, you just need a few tips into how you can save money while showing your special someone a good time. You might even find the dates that costs the least amount of money not only are less expensive, but actually come off as
more romantic.

Cook Dinner Yourself

Sure, going out and enjoying a fine dinner together is nice, but preparing the dinner yourself means even more. Even if you aren’t a celebrated chef, it isn’t very difficult to follow the instructions of a cook book. Cooking the dinner for the two of you inside your apartment is more than special, as your date watches you prepare the food for both of you. Just make sure to prepare something a bit out of the ordinary. Mac and cheese doesn’t count, unless there is a special secret recipe you want to try out. Of course, with so many different cooking options, you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that is perfect for both of you.

Movie Outside

Going to the movies quickly adds up in price, when you add in not only the price of the tickets, but also concessions. Instead, take a movie outside and enjoy it under the stars. Bring your laptop, pop some popcorn and sleeping bags, and share your favourite movie together outside. Besides, you can get away with far more cuddling outside on your own than you ever could in the movie theatre. Of course, if you have a projector on hand, this is even better, as you can project your movie from the computer onto a wall or space outside, which gives you a larger than life television screen.

Bike Ride

Get outside and go for a bike ride. Spending time exercising together and seeing the local scenery is a great way to come closer together and have fun at the same time. You’ll learn what your special someone enjoys and what they like to do, what they like to see and it gives you plenty of time to talk. Plus, once it is all said and done, stop by for an ice cream cone. This is a great way to cap off a fun day of riding your bike, plus after so much hard work on the bike, you deserve it.

A Walk In The Park

Equally going for a walk in a local park or anywhere with nature with a blanket and pre-packed picnic and maybe a bottle of wine can be very romantic on a sunny day, it may even lead to you finding a special place where you can go and know it holds a special place for you as a couple.

You don’t need a deep pocket book to have a great time on date night, and best of all, while you are saving money you’re also having some incredible dates that don’t cost anything.

This is a guest post by Louise Mitchell, a relationship expert who advises couples with relationship troubles as well as helping  singles on the ways to find the best partner for them. Louise is  currently consulting with on their on-line dating site to help singles use a service to find love.