In the midst of my financial woes, I somehow received a membership for I didn’t know until I got an e-mail newsletter, and then saw a monthly $14.95 charge to my account. As nice as their interface may be and informative, I already have a credit monitoring service through my Citi credit card.

So I just gave them a call since I wanted to cancel my account and that’s the only way to. I get a clearly non-English-native-speaker who’s very obviously reading from a script. I give her my information and tell her I want to cancel my account. The woman must have tried to upsell me on sticking with at least 3 times.

“You know, has [insert semi-cool features here].” Yes, I’m aware. “We suggest you don’t cancel your account.” But I’ve made up my mind and I’m calling to cancel. “If it’s the price you’re worried about…” Unless the price is free, I dont’ want to hear it. “But…” No buts please; I have a monitoring service, I don’t want yours. She kept saying “I understand” but it didn’t seem like she did. Nevertheless, the account is closed after an unnecessarily lengthy conversation.

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