Courthouse Wedding?

Besides what the layoff did to my ego, it really messed up my financial situation. It came a week after a car accident, a month before moving, and 7 months before my wedding date. Lost of income (I take it as a loss because unemployment checks get eaten up as soon as they arrive) really hit the breaks on my wedding planning, which is definitely upsetting.

I just found the perfect venue, 4 miles from my house, and right in my (initial) budget. It’s gorgeous and everything I could want in a place to display my commitment to my fiance. But lo, you need money for a wedding venue. You need $2,000 just to reserve the date, then there’s the rest of the money that’s due 3 weeks before the date. That’s how businesses are ran, and I know that. But reality is, the money just isn’t there.

I tried to psyche myself out, saying if I earned a certain amount of money a day, I could make it happen. Yesterday, through a 15 hour migraine, I wrote article after article and earned $50. It’s sad that I can get excited over that, when I was making more than double that a day after taxes. There’s no way I can get $2,000 in 2 weeks, and it’ll still be impossible to cover the rest of the costs if I’m still out of work. Even with Tej working some overtime, he’s turning it down more than working it, so right now it looks like we’re stuck.

I’m not going to pretend like I didn’t imagine my wedding since I was younger. Since Jennifer Lopez starred in the Wedding Planner, I’ve been planning my wedding. Now the opportunity comes to make my dream come true, and I can’t. I don’t have money to do that or have a honeymoon, like a nice one on Thomson cruises. I don’t want to postpone it, because I’m ready NOW. It’s heartbreaking. I already have my dress, and no where to wear it.

I’m highly considering eloping, with a courthouse wedding and 2 witnesses. The last thing I want is another disappointment and I may sound like a brat but I feel like I’ve worked so hard to earn this wedding, and don’t even have the opportunity to do it when I want. If I can’t come up with the money in 2 weeks, we’re just going to go to the court and call it a day. No family, maybe 2 friends for witnesses. If that happens, I’m going to sell my dress on Craigslist, get Tej’s ring and call it a day.

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  1. Raf


    Would it be the end of the world if you waited to get married? Call me old fashion, but if I did not have the money to afford the ceremony I would postpone. I don’t believe in divorce; therefore, if I am with the person I love there will be plenty of time to get married.

    • Hargetts88


      I understand your pain. I had a fire in my apt in July and my wedding is in Nov. Like you I felt I have come waay too far to just have a “quickie” wedding. I was hurt and angry at the world (me sounding like a brat as everyone was calling me). I was told to just hold off until next year (we’ve been together since I was 17 I just turned 26 & we have a tollder son) I was/am ready right NOW! So what we are doing is going to Vegas and getting married at a beautiful resort. I still get to wear my dress, have my maid of honor and a friend there as well! Money isn’t right but I still will be able to have a beautiful wedding!

      • Reply

        I’m so sorry about the fire in your apartment! We almost went to Vegas too, which makes sense economically anyways. Congratulations and I hope you have a fantastic day!

  2. South County Girl


    My fiance and i are going to postpone our honeymoon a few months after the wedding because of finances. 

    I’m still going to take a week off before and after the wedding so we can spend time together… and in September we will be able to redeem a free cruise voucher we got sitting through a time share travel deal… We’ll have to pay around $500 in passport fees, taxes, and parking most likely… but we will get a small honeymoon with little expenses. 

    I have other honeymoon ideas/wedding ideas… You can email me if you want to chat (my blogging email is:

    We are both living on one income right now (mine) while my fiance hunts for work… so I know it can be difficult… but have you ever thought of a park or backyard wedding and just having a cake and punch reception instead of the BIG hall experience?

  3. Reply

    I am going through this right now. Our wedding was in August, and due to some financial issues, we now do not even have the $500 deposit needed for an amazing venue. Unfortunately the price of the venue increased last week, but this kind woman was willing to hold it for us until Friday. So Unless we could come up with $500 in two days, we are not getting married this year. $500 isn’t much, but then coming up with the other $1500 in less than four months, and I am a stay at home mom to a 3 month old where as my fiancee already works 3 jobs, it just isn’t feasible. Will we wait until next year? Most likely. I don’t want to get a courthouse wedding done and then regret it. We already sacrificed a honeymoon, a classic gown, a deejay, even the guest list for this wedding-for a total of 35 guests. I can’t think to go any farther down cutting costs. Will we still love eachother in a year? undoubtedly. Am I still going to want to wait? Absolutely not. I can’t seem to wrap up in my head why I want it this year, but I just know I am a bit upset that all of my hard planning and organizing went down the drain.

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