I hear the sounds of “hell yes” and “hell no” coming from many of you. Could you have sex with your spouse 7 days in a row? What if it was an attempt to save your marriage? The good people of Lifetime have started a new series called 7 Days of Sex, where they challenge married couples to make love everyday for a week, in an attempt to increase their intimacy and bring them closer together.

I just finished watching the 1st episode, and I love it. They profiled two couples who were having sex irregularly. One couple cited their children and being tired as the reason they weren’t doing the deed consistently. The other couple had no children, but were stressed by their financial situation (been there, done that). So what happens when married couples do what, well, married couples should be doing anyways? You can catch the episode online.

Could I do it? I don’t know. 7 days in a row is a lot LOL. I thought intimacy was sparse before, but try not even living in the same house. Awkward! But nevertheless, it would certainly be an experiment I’d be willing to try. One thing you’d have to do is spice it up. If you see sex as a chore or a thing on your to-do list doesn’t make it exciting. It could make you dread it instead. Vary the times and locations. Try new ways and incorporate new things. Ask what your partner wants. Tell your partner what you want.

I think that this type of intimacy is an important piece in the success of a marriage. Why else do you think a pastor brought a stripper pole into the pulpit? Even when I was reading Spousonomics, I was surprised to see that sex is one of the first things to go in a marriage. If your spouse’s primary love language is physical touch like hubby’s is, then sex will most certainly be an integral part of the way you show them that you love them.

Sex has become so taboo and hush hush, and also tainted by the media, thrown in our faces and yet people get so much anxiety when it’s talked about. Sex education should be more than preventing teens from getting pregnant. There should be a movement of sex education for married couples too. Talk about it with your significant other and see if they’d be up for the challenge, or at least game enough to watch the show with you.

Do you think a 7 day sex challenge could help a marriage? Why or why not? How important is physical intimacy in your relationship?