I was going through my friend’s Facebook photo album of cool things and came across, well, a cool thing! It seems as if Polaroid has came back with vintage awesomeness with their Instant Cameras. The Polaroid PIC-300 (affiliate link) works just like the old school model. Snap a shot, develops before your eyes.

What I also found was some cool ideas for using this camera. One of the things I originally wanted to do was to have a photo booth at the wedding, but I knew it’d be expensive. I saw other people using Polaroid cameras for their guest books! Snap some photos, put it in your book, and write a personal message. How awesome is that?

I thought that was a cool idea. What I may do is have someone man the “guest book table” to take pictures of our guests and have them put their personal messages in the book. It’d be a great keepsake. I’d love to send them copies of the picture also.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

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