When a child is in school, it is common that there are opportunities for parents to come and volunteer their time. Things like helping at lunch time or recess, planning a classroom event or even a field trip. Most children love to see their parents in the classroom and school. The thing is, these days this poses a security risk to our kids. It is important for schools to monitor who is coming in and out of the school, and make sure they are safe to be around our kids. We trust when we send our kids to school that they are being taken care of. The first step most schools take is that everyone must sign in, even electricity providers, so we know who is going in and out. They also now made guidelines and tests that need to be passed for access. This allows hurdles to be passed to make it just hard enough to weed out any unwanted guests. So what is typically required? Each state and district has different requirements. Below are some of the standards that may apply.

Criminal Check

The first step schools take is to make sure you aren’t a criminal and don’t have a criminal record. This can be done by a standard criminal or background check. These are typical screenings for employment and such so they can easily be done. You go online and log into the state website to get a certificate once all of your personal information is provided. If you do have a record it would show up, if you do not have any criminal activity than it will state you are clean. 

Child Abuse Clearance

A child abuse clearance is similar to the crimal check except it is searching for any reports of child abuse. If you have been caught or charged with any form of child abuse than it would show up on the report. This is very important to get before allowing someone into a school because you don’t need anyone with a past in child abuse to enter.

FBI Fingerprint Check

Depending on the school disctrict and school, along with the criminal and child abuse checks, you may also need a fingerprint check. This would require for you to go to a qualified location to get your fingerprints done.

Mandatory Reporter Training

Besides getting clearances, you may need to take some classes and training. One popular class is the mandatory reporter training. In this training you learn how to be a mandatory reporter of child abuse. Child abuse comes in many forms and it teaches you how to be on the lookout for the right signs and how to report anything you may see that puts kids in dangers. This training goes along with the clearances nicely because it makes you know how to conduct yourself in the event you see a child at risk.

Overall these clearances don’t take much time to complete. It is worth it to know that you are properly prepared and that the people surrounding your children are safe to be.