As November well and truly gets under way, the leisurely Christmas shopping begins to heat up as more and more people try and beat the last minute rush of having to speed buy on Christmas Eve. To ensure you don’t end up stressing, there are plenty helpful, handy tips that will keep you shopping the smart way this Christmas. There are tons of great deals to be had on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so start looking at those circulars to see if you can grab anything at a steal of a price!

One of the most important things to consider is how important Section 75 is. For anyone that has no idea what this is, it’s a consumer’s dream piece of legislation because it protects you should a company you’ve shopped with goes bust. As covered in a recent article by Totally Money, it really is a no-brainer if you’re intending to spend anywhere between a £100 and £30,000 on certain Christmas goodies, the perfect price range if you’re wanting to indulge in big named brands from the likes of Boots, Asda, Amazon, and many others.

Far too many people lose out on being refunded money they’ve lost because, either they’ve used their debit card, or even worse, they have no idea what Section 75 is, and/or that it even exists. Stop yourself from potentially falling victim this Christmas and start shopping the right way. You will undoubtedly see in Christmas with significantly less money worries hanging over your head.

Another way to help you get sorted for Christmas this year is to make the most of invaluable websites such as My Voucher. This fantastic website, among others, is the perfect place if you’re looking for money off deals on items you are in desperate need of. To help keep your spending in check, make sure you utilize these website before committing to buy anything. Alongside this, you can also use comparison websites, such as Find-DVD, and many others, to help you make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. One of the worst things about Christmas shopping can be purchasing an item, and then seeing it cheaper elsewhere, however, most of us don’t want to have to run around to ensure we get the best deal – whereas these websites do it all for you. Nice and easy.