When it comes to keeping a marriage alive, the basic key is to ensure that the other person feels valued, respected and loved. This of course means listening to them, treating them as you wish to be treated, making time for each other and doing things to make their life easier. And of course it means showing that you care by remembering special occasions such as your wedding anniversary.

For many couples, wedding anniversaries are not about spending big amounts of money or splashing the cash on expensive gifts; they are about marking the occasion and spending some time together. After all, being married for any length of time is a joyous thing, so why not mark the day in some way? When it comes to wedding anniversary  gifts that show you care, however, there are so many options out there that you really are spoilt for choice.

A personal gift could be a scrapbook of photos of the two of you or the whole family, engraved jewellery or even a trip away. As long as you have the other person in mind when you choose your gift, you can’t really go wrong. If you are still struggling, however, a good option could be to look at wedding anniversary gifts by year. Each wedding anniversary has a theme associated with it and so you can get some great inspiration for presents linked to that theme.

For example, if you’re celebrating your second wedding anniversary, the theme is cotton, and so you could choose matching dressing gowns, underwear or a personalised t-shirt with a picture of your kids printed on. Whether your anniversary is pearl, silver, gold, wood, bronze, silk, sapphire, crystal or diamond, you can choose a gift based on the amount of time you have been together and you can make that gift as special and as personal as you like.