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All Dogs Go To Good Homes

It’s been a lot going on these past few months, especially with adjusting to living apart. One of the biggest obstacles has been having Frankie adjust to living at a new place. Between him not being able to stay at my...

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My Dog, My Responsibility

I got some news early this morning from the folks fostering Frankie that they can no longer do so. It seems he’s been a bad influence on their dog, and because they both work full time, they feel bad for crating him all...

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Meet Frankie

You guys remember when my dog dreams were deferred? Well they’ve been renewed and accomplished! Meet Frankie 🙂 Isn’t he adorable?! He was found in a box on some train tracks. Isn’t that awful?! He was taken...

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Dog Dreams Deferred

We’re married; nothing much has changed since the big day. Sure, there’s a deeper bond, we now share a last name, but we’re still in the same place financially. One thing I’ve been wanting since...

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