When you envision marriage, you usually envision living in the same place as your spouse right? Yeah, we’re not going to keep beating over the details of my and hubby’s living situation for now. You’re all pretty versed on it. Anyways, I’m about 2 months into my job and finishing up 5 months of being apart. The biggest reason I was excited about the job was because it was one step closer to being under the same roof again.

Not so fast. I may have mentioned that my job is a long term temporary position. Everyone asks how I like it, and I tell them I love it, because I do. One of the frustrating parts of working in a technology field, especially in social media, is that you are bound to have technical difficulties. And when you’re a temp, and technical difficulties prevent you from doing your work, you get sent home. This has happened just about every week this month. So in the 2 months since I’ve started, I’ve only had 2 weeks worth of checks that were 40 hours worth of pay. Bummer.

And because I’ve been unemployed for so long, bills have obviously piled up, as well as debt. So the number one priority for now is no longer finding a place we can dwell together. It’s out of our hands still, as hubby is still unemployed and this position isn’t as solid/stable as I’d like it to be.

I even wanted to plan a much needed getaway trip, but right now, there’s just too much to pay for and not a consistent amount to pay for it all. Storage, car note, credit cards, loan payments. Some people get “free checks” where all their bills are paid and they can spend the whole paycheck as they please. Yeah, we don’t have that. Every payday there’s something that needs to be paid. Trying to add rent into that equation would probably not be such a wise decision.

I have a few ideas as far as making side income but I have to take the time to get them all set up and pretty much dedicate just as much time to getting those off the ground as I would my day job. It’s worth it though. Extra money can go directly to eliminating debt and an emergency fund. Heck, even then we could save up for a mini vacation. That’d be nice.

So for now, dreams of living under the same roof are further postponed. I was hoping we’d be together again by August, but things don’t always work out in our timing, as I’m learning. Right now, it looks like 2012 will be a year spent apart, unless I can really ramp up the income in the next few months, and if hubby can land a job. It’s very hard to do that with no degree and limited experience. But we’re going to stay positive and prayerful.

How do you deal with cash flow woes? What are some of your side hustles that put some extra money in your pocket?