One of the many ways people make money is to be a writer. I remember a lot of my former classmates who absolutely hated writing. I never had an issue with it. I always enjoyed my English classes, reading hundreds of books, and writing reports or analysis. I used to crank out papers with ease, and at the last minute. Words came effortlessly for me, and my work got even easier when my writing assignments were required to be typed. I type 90+ words per minute, so it moves like water for me.

So when I learned that people can make a living as a writer, I was enthused to say the least. Of course, growing up, I just thought people wrote books and screenplays to be considered a “writer”. Neither of those things interested me much. But then I learned you could combine two things I love: the Internet and writing. Intrigued, I decided to learn more.

There’s multiple ways I can make money writing online:

  1. Blogging: Yes, what I’m doing now could make a decent income. Not that it’s doing it as I’m writing this, but I do have dreams of making money telling you guys my opinions one day. If I write quality and compelling content that thousands of people want to read and learn more about, I can bring in some moolah. Sweet.
  2. Reviews: Everybody’s a consumer at one point of their lives, and some people get paid to tell the world what they think. I could add another component into a great career by becoming a food critic, but I fear it will cause me to tip the scales. I will definitely explore the option once I get my weight under control though.
  3. eBooks: Similar to writing a novel, but in the electronic format! I could write an eBook about anything and actually have people read it by publishing it myself. I’m actually in the process of writing my first eBook and plan on writing quite a few of them. This is definitely exciting for me.
  4. Freelancing: I’m actually into this now, writing blog posts for other sites. I’m a staff writer over at StupidCents. I want to expand this portfolio by writing for other personal finance sites. Any personal finance bloggers out there looking for a staff writer, send a hello! 🙂
  5. Ghost blogging: I’m doing this too for a website, and it’s just as fun. No, no one knows it’s me writing it, but it’s still a great way to hone my skills. Same thing, if there’s anyone out there looking for unique content they can call their own, let me know!
  6. Writing a course: I’m really passionate about education and constant learning, and I find myself to be a pretty good teacher. Only recently did I discover I could create my own course to teach people things they want to know. I think that’s ridiculously awesome, and am in the process of creating tutorials and a course.

So who knew I could become a writer in an alternative way and make a career from it? It’s going to take some long hours, proofreading, and possible failure in order to make a success of it, but I’m willing to explore it. Anyone else found that writing is a great way to bring in some dough?

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