I have finally settled on what I’m going to do as a career: I want to be a marriage counselor. I had my hallelujah moment last night and did some vigorous research. It sort of started when I was helping my friend Audrey cope with the breakup. I help just about all my friends with their relationships, and marriage is so important to me. I always knew whatever I wanted to do, I needed to be sure I’m helping people. It’s what I love, it’s what I’m passionate about, it’s what I enjoy.

I don’t know if told you guys, but I’m in the waiting process for going back to college. I reapplied to CSULB but at the time, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to go back in as. I declared “journalism” since when I last attended, I was a PR major. I decided to choose something I knew I could create a business of, and since I’ve been freelance writing and blogging, journalism seemed like the best idea. Once I figured out that marriage counseling is for sure the route I want to go, I started doing some more research.

CSULB has a few majors that are impacted, meaning that they’re higher demand majors and require more strict prerequisites to be that actual major. Psychology is one of those majors, and because I’m already unsure of my standing at the school, I decided I needed to find a different major. I settled on Human Development. I already took one of the lower division classes in my freshman year, and I really enjoyed it. So the plan is to major in Human Development (maybe a minor in Sociology, we’ll see), then pursue graduate school for Marriage and Family Therapy. After that, it’s time to start my own private practice.

I’m generally inpatient when it comes to education and career. I want everything to be done as soon as possible, but I think I’m going to settle with having all of this done before the age of 30. I’m fine with that. It’ll be the biggest thing on my upcoming Before 30 to-do list. In preparation I’ll be reading books, reading blogs, and trying my best to volunteer and intern to get as much experience as possible. I’m also going to start writing my first book like I mentioned on my bucket list! I’m really excited!

I’m hoping to really be known as an expert in the field and want to help as many people as possible. Obviously, I’ll be learning along the way for my own marriage, but I hope I can save a lot of marriages. The divorce rate is way too high for my liking, and I want to do my part to fix that.

Let me know what you think! Is this a good career path? Is 9 years (since I’m turning 21 soon) a reasonable amount of time to get a private practice going? Would you trust me with your marriage? haha

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