If you watch Bridezillas, then you have often heard the frustration and terror from brides even thinking that someone would have the audacity to show them up at their own wedding. The magical day of bliss is (supposedly) for them and them alone, where they shine brighter than any other attendee. That means bridesmaids can’t look prettier, and mothers better not show up in white. But the question is, is it possible to be upstaged at your own wedding?

Take this bride for instance. Jamie Kolnick was about to tie the knot with now husband Shaun, when they spotted the 2012 NBA MVP (for the regular season & finals) LeBron James at the Ritz Carlton before he was due to interview with Sports Illustrated. Kind of hard to get your husband excited about pledging his allegiance (read: wallet and undying devotion) to you in front of family and friends when thee LeBron James is in the building. Not only in the building, but willing to take pictures with the two of you. Good luck charm, or a clear distraction of who the day was really supposed to be about?

I remember when I was watching Kim Kardashian’s wedding, so many people were in an uproar that she wanted her mom and her sisters to wear white just like her. I, for one, thought it was pretty cool. It didn’t take the attention off of her one bit, because, duh, she’s the bride. I really don’t think it’s possible to remove the attention from the bride because that’s the main focus regardless. Even if your maid of honor has a bit more cleavage or if your mother-in-law is showing her legs that just won’t quit, people are going to be looking at you because you’re the bride.

In my opinion, people make weddings too superficial. It shouldn’t be all about the dress, the decor, the food. What people should be there for is to witness two people vow to spend the rest of their lives together as partners. Weddings have become an expensive fashion show with an open bar at the after party. Even for those who absolutely love the attention, couldn’t you spare a few minutes of the limelight for your hubby’s favorite basketball player, or for a guest who chose to dress to impress? It’s not the end of the world, so don’t let it be the end of your wedding.

Do you think a bride can be upstaged at her own wedding? Would you be mad if people remembered your wedding as “the one LeBron showed up at”?