I met my husband December 2006. We became best friends and we began dating in August 17, 2007. We moved in together July 6, 2010. We got engaged December 5, 2010. I bought the domain 20andEngaged.com 2 days later. My first post on the blog was January 4, 2011. We got married 2 years ago today, May 20, 2011. I was 20 years old.

Since the beginning of our relationship, so much about me has changed. Since the beginning of this blog, so much about me has changed. So many ups and downs. I look at old blog posts and read old journals from the past 2 years and I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say. Which is why this will be my last blog post on How’s Married Life.

A couple of times, there have been wives who have reached out to me, asking for advice and support while they deal with a possible divorce. And each time it gives me an anxiety attack. “Did they read the blog?” I wonder to myself. “They think I can help them? I don’t have answers for my own marriage; how can I help theirs?” And those wives have children, which adds another element I’m not familiar with, and a sensitive topic anyways since I’ve always wanted kids. I pray for them, I tell them what I suggest they don’t do from my experience, and hope my words help, if even for a little bit.

I’ve met a lot of wonderful and supportive people since I started blogging, people who have checked in on me when I disappear for a while. People who have offered encouraging words and prayers during difficult times. And I’m so appreciative of every one of you. I wish I could hug all of you.

I am leaving How’s Married Life to truly find out for myself what it’s about. I want to rediscover myself as an individual, and, if possible, relearn how to be a wife. I want to take a proactive approach and not just sulk about what has happened. People have continuously told me to move on, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m moving on to a new stage in my life. While the past 5 months have been in a new chapter, I want to close it, and start yet another one. This new chapter, I pray, will be much more joyful than the last.

Again, I’d like to thank you for all of your support, from 20 and Engaged to How’s Married Life. The blog will continue, just not with me. I will pray for everyone who has read the blog as you all have prayed for me. I’ll still be around, Twitter, Facebook. I’ll continue to blog here and there, just not about marriage exclusively. So it’s not necessarily bye, but rather see you later. And again, thank you.