Buy An Engagement Ring On A Budget

When preparing to ask somebody to marry you, one of the things you will spend the most time considering is the engagement ring you pick out. The process of selecting a ring is different for everybody – in fact, some couples even choose to pick out a ring together – but there are certain things that are always the same. For example, you probably have a natural desire to pick out the nicest (and therefore most expensive) ring you can find before proposing. However, glamorous rings with large diamonds are incredibly expensive, and can really hurt you financially. So how can you find a great engagement ring without going too far over your budget? Try to focus on specifics and style, rather than size and glamour. Here are a few specific tips.

Try Shopping Online

If you limit your ring shopping to the local mall and jewelry stores, then you will not be comparing prices as effectively as possible. Instead, try exposing yourself to a larger selection of rings, and therefore a more diverse range of prices. Engagement and wedding rings at 77 diamonds online, for example, come in an enormous array of styles, with plenty of customization options and varying prices. Considering and comparing options like these simply increases your odds of finding the perfect ring for your perfect price. Just Mens Rings carries a wide variety of mens wedding bands    made from a variety of metals. You will struggle to find a better price.

Consider Preference

It’s a simple tip, but be sure to consider the style preferences of your soon-to-be fiancé, rather than the ring alone. It’s tempting to think that a bigger diamond means a better ring, but there are plenty of women who prefer something a bit subtler, or a bit more delicate. If your significant other is less prone to glamorous styles or expensive jewelry, going with a smaller (and cheaper) diamond and an elegant ring might be just the thing.

Consider Style

Even beyond considering your significant other’s preferences and style, be sure to do some research on different styles and trends in engagement rings. If you have never shopped for diamond jewelry before you may be surprised at how many factors there actually are in a diamond ring. Not only do diamonds come in different shape, and rings in different styles and with different settings, but the quality of a diamond is actually measured in several different ways that have little to do with its size. Because larger diamonds are more rare, they are often the most expensive, but researching some of the ways that diamonds are judged may help you to find a flawless and gorgeous ring for a more manageable price.

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  1. Von


    I have been engaged for two years and plans to be married in two more and STILL NO RING? Which makes it hard to even plan and FEEL like we’re engaged. I found a budget friendly ring after looking high and low but it will still take some saving. I dont know what to do to put fire under his butt and not reconsider my ring choice AGAIN

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