The shine hasn’t gone out of your marriage but your rings just don’t have the same luster they held on your wedding day. The good news is that taking care of your diamond rings is not as difficult as you might think. The following practices will help you care for your rings, make them shine again, and restore that gorgeous sheen.

wedding ring

Checking the Setting:

Get in the habit of checking your diamonds regularly to make sure that they are secure in each setting. Periodically take your rings to the jeweller to have them checked (about once or twice a year) and have them professionally cleaned.

Cleaning Your Diamond Rings:

Contact with household products, makeup, skin creams, and oil will create a residue on your jewellery causing them to appear dull and aged. Clean your rings regularly with a very soft toothbrush, liquid dish soap, diluted ammonia, or a window-cleaning solution, then rinse and wipe with a clean lint-free cloth.

Caring for Your Diamonds:

Although diamonds, like those found in the gorgeous settings from Michael Hill, are known as the toughest gem around… they can and do chip. Remember to remove your diamond jewellery when performing tough jobs (such as working in the garden). Always store your diamonds away from other stones that may cause them to become scratched. Avoid direct contact with chlorine bleach and strong detergents, as harsh chemicals can discolour (and damage) ring settings.

Storing your Diamonds:

Always store your rings in separate cases or compartments, in cloth jewellery pouches, or wrap them in tissue paper in individual boxes kept in a safe place. Diamonds not only scratch other jewellery, they are capable of scratching other diamonds. Avoid placing your ring on the side of the sink; countless rings have slipped into basins and down drain holes!

Having your Rings Insured:

It is worth adding a ‘rider’ to your rent or homeowner’s insurance policy, or have your rings ensured through a special policy that covers precious jewels. Read the fine print and make certain that you are covered for loss, theft, and damage. You will need to have your jewellery appraised by a certified specialist who assesses each ring’s unique qualities. It’s a good idea to take close up photos of your rings, and be aware that security systems in the home and laser inscriptions may help you qualify for insurance discounts.

Protecting from Loss:

Remember when you are swimming, bathing, washing, and traveling that your fingers may shrink slightly in size, increasing the likelihood that your rings might slip off. Develop a habit of placing your jewelry in a designated place when you take them off at home. While travelling, always put your rings in a safe within the hotel.

Preserving and Adding to your Rings:

Your wedding rings are amongst your most cherished possessions. Like marriage, your jewellery needs to be cared for and nurtured to insure that it retains its worth and increases in value over the decades. And, as the years pass you may want to add an anniversary ring to complement their beauty!