So our family and friends keep asking us about more details regarding the wedding. Originally, we planned to have it on August 13 at the Carson Community Center with up to 200 people. Then things started getting out of hand. With the lay off, of course money is tight. Then it seemed once we started telling people, everyone began to invite themselves! I don’t think people realize how expensive a wedding is.

The average wedding in the US costs $30,000. That’s a lot of money. A lot of money that we don’t have as 20 year olds. We were going to try to cut our costs down to no more than $10,000, which is still not a little bit of money. Do you know what the most expensive part is about a wedding? The catering. Catering sometimes has a $10,000 minimum, so the nerve of some people, many who we don’t even keep communications with, invite themselves to our wedding for free steak and baked chicken!

So we’ve been going back and forth as to what we really want since the day is about our commitment to each other, not a party we furnish for family, friends, and bystanders. We considered just going to the courthouse, but I have a beautiful dress that I want to wear, and wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it to Norwalk Courthouse. How about reducing the size to 150? Still too much money. What about a small chapel nearby? Close, but is that what we really want?

A destination wedding comes to mind. A destination wedding is exactly what it sounds like: choose a destination to have your wedding. It’s nice because you tell people “hey, we’re getting married somewhere else. You’re responsible for your travel costs.” This ultimately reduces the amount of people who are going to come. Many people aren’t going to fly to Hawaii or pay for hotels in the Bahamas. It weeds out the “undesirables” and freeloaders for sure.

We’re considering taking our talents (hehe) to Las Vegas. After driving from LA to Austin, a drive to Sin City would be nothing to me, and a flight may even be better depending on when we book it. More of our family and friends have access to Las Vegas because it’s really a 4 hour drive (unless you drive with my dad, who gets to Vegas in 3 hours). There’s a lot more chapels to choose from, we can honeymoon there right after (we’re so easy to please), and we don’t have to worry about 200 people flooding into Nevada to see us say “I do”.

So the wedding planning is taking a different turn. Sure, we want to celebrate our ultimate commitment to each other, but definitely not in front of a crowd of people that we have to feed. An intimate gathering of family and possibly close friends is really all we need and all we’re looking for. I’m looking forward to it and will keep you updated!

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