There’s no surprise where this post is going. Bank of America is awful. I officially have a hate-hate relationship with this bank. Yes, it was my first bank, where I opened my first savings account, first checking account, and received my first credit card with them, but I wish to cut all ties with this insensitive, unprofessional, just downright awful bank.

As you all know, I’m still looking for a job. It’s difficult, it’s frustrating, it’s depressing. If I were a man, I’d feel emasculated. It’s a struggle getting up every morning to have to face the reality of not having a job. The world doesn’t stop, and neither do the bills. I’ve unfortunately been overdrafting because 1) I don’t really have the means to do anything, and 2) Bank of America likes to hold charges until you don’t have the money to pay them. I don’t know if this is true with all banks, but I blame many of my overdraft fees on the bank itself.

I decided to call up my credit card holders and explain to them my situation and see if there were any way I could possibly work something out to pay my bill. First I spoke with a customer service rep online. He was nice and informed me of the different options and gave me the number to call. So I called the number.

As soon as someone answered the phone, I knew it was going to be an issue. This woman answered the phone like she was already bored and didn’t care about my situation. She never even gave me a name or told me the call would be monitored (which I’m sure it was). I calmly told her my situation and asked her what my options were. She then proceeded to tell me the obvious and wonder why I was interrupting her day.

“Well your credit limit is only $700 and your minimum payment due is only $15. There’s no programs for you because your limit is low.” So let me get this straight. I just told you I don’t have the means to pay my bill. Whether it was $15 or $1,500, I don’t have it, and I told you that. And since when do you only have payment programs available for people with a certain credit limit? I’ve requested a credit line increase months ago, and was denied because I’ve only had the account for a couple of years. This could very well be the policy, but her voice and attitude just sent me to the moon. HOW INSENSITIVE CAN YOU GET?

So I’m thinking “you would rather me get a 30 days late notice on my credit report than to work with me to find an option on how to keep my account in good standing?” I was frustrated and didn’t want to bother getting into an argument with someone who clearly didn’t appreciate their job that was paying their bills. I told her “nevermind, thanks, bye.” I then tweeted my disdain for the company.

I plan on moving my checking and savings account elsewhere, whenever I have the means to deposit money into said accounts. I will keep that credit card open with them just for the fact it is my oldest card to date. I am humiliated, irate, and just plain done with Bank of America. I am disappointed at how they treat people in situations like mine. This has definitely sent me over the edge, and brought tears to my eyes with my frustration.

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