It seems that you can’t open your web browser, graze the magazine rack, or flip the television channel without seeing a famous couple announcing their divorce. Why is it one day we can claim are undying love for another then soon discover they may be a wrong fit?

All of your friends are falling love having babies and buying homes. You just so happen to be dating the person of your dreams and he just proposed. Your life is complete and the happily ever after dreams can no become your reality. But before you walk down the aisle and proclaim forever until death do us part, make sure you are doing this for the right reasons. Many times people rush into marriage, because they want to feel loved, fit in with society or not be alone. Always ask yourself why do I want to be with this person.

Before you sign the sacred contract ask yourself if you are getting married for the right reasons. We asked experts to reveal common factors you should consider before getting married.

Don’t Ignore Their Past

Does your main squeeze tell you about their history? Being open and honest about who you have been is a common way to determine how much openness and trust is in your relationship. Share your past in order to make a better present and future.

Does your significant other have a past that makes you uncomfortable? Maybe they swear they have changes, and you see no hints of the older version in them. Ask yourself would you be able to survive a repeat. People will always be who they are, even when we change old patterns can still emerge.

Forget About Your Bridal Goals

There is no magic age to get married and have kids by. If you have a number, whether it is beating a biological clock, or a more random number like your sister got married at that age, it can hold power over you. As your birthday draws near you will be fretting that you are behind. When women in particular feel as if they are falling behind on their “bridal timeline” they are more likely to rush into things and or settle for “Mr. Almost Right.” To ward of this fear of being an old maid, ask yourself if you would still be with him if you were younger. If your answer isn’t “Heck Yay” it’s time to let go.

Ask yourself why are you getting married. If your reasons are that you want kids, you want to be with someone forever, you want a ring, you feel behind in life, then don’t get married. The reason should be “love.” You love this person and can’t live without them. They help you be a better version of you are each others best friends, then you have the green light to live happily ever after.

Shannon Kaiser is a health and wellness writer for many online and print publications. For more tips on living a life you are proud of visit Doctor Brett L. Johnson, DMD, at Oregon City Dentistry, a Dentist in Oregon City.