This post is going to be short, sweet, and to the point.

When you’re young like us, it’s not unusual to overdraft your bank account. I get e-mail alerts when I have a low balance and when I have a negative balance. Being unemployed has definitely not made me a stranger to not having too much money, but this time it was very peculiar.

Both of my accounts were overdrawn. My checking and our joint checking. Now that was very unusual. Today, I decided to see what the damage was and how much.

First I checked my account. Seems to be 2 charges that I did not make and were not supposed to be there: 24 Hour Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness should’ve been canceled, so why are they still charging me $29.99? And I never signed up for them since I have my own credit monitoring. I tried to chat with a specialist, and it said call the number. I called the number and Bank of America is closed for the holiday. #fail

So next, I check out the Chase account for our joint account, and I see there’s some check in my fiance’s name with his old address for $49.99 for some service neither of us have ever heard of. Thankfully, Chase was open today and solved our overdraft problems.

In conclusion, we wouldn’t have known why our accounts were lower than usual. So check your accounts!!

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