It’s been a lot going on these past few months, especially with adjusting to living apart. One of the biggest obstacles has been having Frankie adjust to living at a new place. Between him not being able to stay at my in-laws to getting him used to my Pomeranian, Muffin, things have been pretty stressful. After a lot of talk and debate, we decided that our current situation wasn’t a great position for him or for us. He was recently rescued and will be finding a new family soon.

I love Frankie. He taught me a lot in the short time that we had him. We got him as a puppy and had to deal with getting him house trained and used to us. I learned what to look for when dogs are sick, the different types of food, and that not every breed and every dog is for every family. He was definitely an awesome dog full of spunk and personality. He loved to take naps and loved running and digging. He tried his best to talk and sing and loved jumping up on beds.

The decision was so hard and I cried. I somewhat felt like a failure because I couldn’t get him used to our house. It was even harder once I got my new job because I work full time and he didn’t enjoy being outside all day. Daycare was expensive and I couldn’t expect my grandparents to watch after him for long. It was stressful but I feel very confident that he will find a good home with a family who could give him all the love, attention, and time he deserves.

Will we get another dog? Maybe, but definitely not right now. We don’t have a place of our own and I don’t want to limit apartments to just pet friendly places. However, we both love dogs and would love to rescue another one. If/when we do decide to get another dog, we’ll try to find a breed that works for us, and more than likely a full grown dog as opposed to a puppy, one that’s already housetrained and doesn’t require as much activity as Frankie did. Again, not every dog is for every family.

So to the future family of Frankie, I hope that he brings you even more joy than he gave to us. He’s super smart and so adorable and loving. I know he’ll be a great addition to your family.