Purchasing cheap health insurance isn’t the best way to save money in a family household. And no, cheapest car insuranceisn’t the solution, either. One must think more on a small scale basis than on a large scale one. After all, who wants to be sacrificing his or her cool time in the summer by keeping that air conditioner not quite as cool as it should be, and being “all right” with those beads of sweat on the forehead while watching the eight o’ clock sitcom favorite?First, fueling the household more than the economy is a concept that can make a lot of sense after one thinks about it enough. It’s great to go out and purchase those delicious steak dinners and salads at the favorite restaurants, but when money’s tight that can be a bad habit to get stuck with. Cooking from home is more efficient, and will cut spending drastically. Not a thing is wrong with not having to give that extra $5 tip, is there?Next, invest in a coffee maker and brew that morning pot of awake juice (coffee) instead of shooting down the road to the nearest coffee shop. What’s the reason for spending any greater than a dollar on a cup of coffee at home that would end up being one, two, or more dollars at those fancy shops? Be doubly productive and brew a cup at home and go on a nice morning walk.

Again, any kind of extremely cheap insurance isn’t the key to saving the buck at the end of the day. The third way to save: avoiding overdraft fees. This concept can be coupled with the fourth way to stay in a household financial surplus: avoiding ATMs. Sure, they can be popular, but withdrawing time after time is only going to peel away from that already fledgling bank account.

Making a list when going shopping anywhere is the next key. This takes discipline, but it’s a good way to strip that excess, even out-of-control spending, when the chips are going down. Having a shopping list and telling oneself that nothing else will be purchased other than the enumerated items is a key way to mentally step back from buying useless commodities. So lastly, avoid the impulse buys, too.

Sure, the magazine on the end-cap would be nice, but chances are there’s a monthly internet bill coming in. Like to read? Simple solution. Get online and don’t spend the $5+ dollars on the gossip. Saving is ultimately the best insurance.