You’ve seen the show, or at least heard about it. TLC has been profiling people who take couponing to the max. There’s families (women mostly) who have a plan of attack when it comes to getting as much as they can for as little as they can. They have stockpiles of pasta, shampoo, and soda in their homes that didn’t cost them a dime. They leave the store with 10 baskets full of groceries, come with a mountain of coupons, and some even break the store’s machine! I couldn’t do it, and here’s why:

  1. It’s a full time job: There is absolutely no way you could be a successful extreme couponer without dedicating about 40 hours a week to it. You have to look for coupons not only in your mailbox but sometimes in others! One woman went dumpster diving for coupons and another had a regular route in her neighbor to get her neighbors’ coupons. That’s not exactly how I would like to spend my time.
  2. It’s not practical for my home: It may be 2 of us living in a 1400 square foot townhouse, but there’s simply not enough room to house all of that product. I’m not dedicating a room to my stockpile like some of those women on the show do. It’s in their garage, it’s in their guest rooms, it’s in their living room. Who wants to be surrounded by non-perishables? Count me out.
  3. It’s actually expensive: I know you’re thinking “but they’re saving money in the long run!” Um, not exactly. A few of the ladies took out insurance policies on their stockpiles. Yes, their mounds of food, beverages, and toiletries are worth money if they happened to be damaged, lost or stolen. To me, that’s just silly. I’m not taking out insurance on something like that.
  4. It’s selfish: There was one woman who knew her husband loathed the whole field trip to the store thing, but she didn’t care. She was on a mission. She enlisted him to shop with her, drive, and put the items away. All she was thinking was how much money she was saving, and it was just sad to see. Not only that, think of the people who could actually use the products you’re taking off the shelves. While it’s sitting in your home, someone else is going without it.
  5. It not feasible for things I shop for: How often do you see coupons for chicken breasts? When have you known for toothpaste to be free? Have you ever walked out with a $1 orange juice? Let’s be real; many of the things that are on sale and you bring a coupon for, you don’t need. Rarely do you see these ladies getting lucky with things that are healthy for you. Junk food is always on sale. You can always find coupons for cookies, chips, and sodas. I’m eating healthier, and the fact is, you just can’t get a deal like that on things that are actually good for you.

I’m not knocking these women completely; I think it takes a lot for someone to go that far with anything, especially saving money. However, I could never be one of them. What’s the most you’ve ever saved with coupons, a coupon code or deals?