The printer has been making everyone’s lives easier since its creation. The ability to print written documents from your computer is far more convenient than using a typewriter. Since the advent of the internet, there are new uses for the printer all the time. Here are some great examples of things you can print at home, that can make your life easier and add to the value of your printer as well.

Tickets — When it comes to buying tickets for an upcoming concert or sporting event, the days of waiting in line for tickets are over. Now you can order your tickets online, and print them at home. For anyone who has ever had to stand in line during early morning hours to get the best possible seats to an event, this is very good news.
It doesn’t stop at music and sporting events though. If you are going to take a flight, you can print up your boarding pass at home to save time at the airport. Same goes for bus and plane tickets. This means one less line to wait in, thanks to your trusty printer.

Sheet Music/Tabs — The internet is a great place for budding musicians for a lot of reasons. It provides a medium where they can share their music with prospective fans, and socialize with fellow musicians from all over the world. With a printer, It is also a great place to score some free sheet music (or tabs for guitar players). There is also sheet music you may not be able to find locally. The internet is likely to have any sheet music you may be looking for. When you find that piece of music you would like to learn, the printer is there so you can have it physically in your hand instead of reading off a computer screen.

Coupons — In this day and age, saving money is more important than ever. That is where coupons come in handy. While there are plenty of coupons to be found in your local newspaper, in grocery ad and at the grocery store itself, they may not have coupons you need. The internet is full of useful manufacturer coupons that can be printed at home. This will drastically cut down on time spent hunting through piles of newspapers, sometimes for coupons you do not need. Using a printer is faster and more efficient.

Photos It has become a standard feature to have a camera on your phone. As a result, there are lots of photos shared on social media sites and stored on people’s hard drives. Your digital photo library is great for sharing with people online, but what about offline? That is where a printer comes in handy. Photo paper can be obtained for relatively cheap, and with it loaded into your printer, you can develop all of your favorite pictures at home for a fraction of the price it would take to get them developed somewhere else.

Word Processing Documents — Every computer has a word processing program with a wide range of options. There is a standard program for typing documents. There are other uses like making spreadsheets, invoices and more. Sooner or later, if these documents are important enough, they will need to be printed. Whether you are writing up homework, devising a chore schedule or preparing a presentation for work, the trusty old printer is there for you in your time of need.

A printer is something many of us own and that we may take for granted. It may sit at your computer desk collecting dust at times, but when you really need it, it is there for you. Whether you are printing an important document, money saving coupons or concert tickets, you will be glad you have it.
These are just a few examples of what a printer can do to save you time and make your life easier. There are many other ways to put it to good use. As long as you keep it loaded with new paper and fresh ink, your printer will prove valuable for years to come.