This weekend, the Mr. and I decided to go down to our apartment manager’s office to give our 30 day notice. We signed the rental agreement to our new place and gave our deposit. We’re slated to move in next month on the 1st, or the weekend before. We’re super excited and ready to start packing. The last thing that needed to be done was the formal “hey we’re outta here!” notice. We knew there would be costs associated with it, but wanted to clarify exactly how much, as money is tight and we wanted to know what to expect.

My were our hairs blown straight back. According to the complex manager, we’re going to have to come out of pocket $3,700 to move out. That is not a typo. Almost $4,000 just to leave these stupid apartments. We asked what all was associated in the cost:

  • Breaking the lease: We signed a 13 month lease in July under the impression that the only cost associated with breaking the lease would be one month’s rent.
  • 1 Month’s rent: We currently pay $1174 for a 700 sq. ft. 1 bed 1 bathroom apartment in Orange County. This was the only cost we thought we had to pay for. My were we wrong.
  • 1 Month’s rent free: When we moved in, we got a “special”: 1 month’s free rent, which really spread across the entire term, and had our August rent down to $880. Well, now we have to pay for that month. Ain’t that a…

So we went back to our apartment to brainstorm. how on God’s green earth are we supposed to come up with that kind of money in 4 weeks? We started thinking who we could ask for a loan. My mom’s getting her credit together in anticipation of getting a new house and car. My dad is paying 2 mortgages: his and his parents’. My stepdad is even tighter on money, and hustling 7 days a week. My grandparents on my mom’s side just refinanced their house again so they can pay down their credit cards. His dad is off work until he retires and just bought him a new tire since his kept going flat. His mom is working as a temp and is only guaranteed a position until the end of this month.

Okay, so family loans are out. How about personal loans? Well I have one through Lending Club that I’m currently paying for. I can’t apply for a new one until I’ve been paying my current one for 6 months. He was denied. I can’t apply for any more P2P loans because I recently financed car repairs in late November (ironic, now I’m paying for more car repairs). We went the route of applying for payday loans. You have to be 21. You’ve got to be kidding me.

So our last resort is to go into Chase (where we bank for our joint account) or Citi (his latest checking account provider) this weekend and damn near beg for a loan from them. In the mean time, we’re in extreme hustle and thrift mode. We have 4 weeks to come up with $4,000.

So how on earth do we plan on doing that?

  • Paychecks: I get paid this Thursday and on the 27th. He gets paid next Friday and on the 3rd. That’s about $4,400 between us. Problem solved, right? Wrong. I have to pay $600 for damages caused by my car accident. He has to pay $433 for his car note, and $100 to his dad for car insurance. That brings us down to about $3,200. Only a few hundred more to go, right? Wrong. First month’s rent for our new place is due on the 1st. That’s $1,000. We’re now down to approximately $2,200.
  • Consignment: I have 2 crates and 1 huge bag of clothes I’ve been planning on taking to the consignment shop. Now is as good of a time as ever. I’ll be taking the clothes some time this week.
  • Cans and bottles: We have bags of cans and bottles we’ve been meaning to recycle and haven’t found the time. Now it’s time to make time.
  • Grand hustle: No, not TI (I don’t think he can help anyone right now anyways). I’m hitting up just about all of my contacts, asking if they can spare a few projects to throw my way. One of them will be sending something my way tonight.
  • Overtime: I don’t really have opportunities to work overtime at my job, but Tej just did this weekend. Looking forward to that extra money on the check.
  • Selling things: This is really a last resort. Sure, we have some luxuries we can sell, but I want this to be the absolute last resort.

So in a sense, we only have to raise $1,500 if you think about it because our paychecks will be covering the bulk of it. However, it’s still a major grind that we’re on. Yes, we’re moving to save money, but staying at our current apartment is just not an option anymore. A kitchen cabinet door just fell on Tej’s head last night; that’s the second one! There’s a crack in the ceiling that we have no idea of its origin, and it’s just more disasters waiting to happen.

If you have any ideas on how to make some extra cash fast, please let us know. Desperate times call for desperate measures. A newspaper route may be in effect. Oh, wait, people are reading their newspapers online now. Crap!

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