Fifty years ago, a person retired at 62 and could look forward to a decade or, if he was lucky, two decades in retirement.  Now, someone retiring at 62 can easily look forward to two decades or even more, thanks to a longer lifespan.

Even better, there is more to do now in retirement than ever before.  No longer are retirement activities consider to simply be playing golf or cards or shuffleboard.  There’s plenty more to life in retirement.

Keep working, if you’d like.  If you reach retirement age, you may want to step away from your full-time employment responsibilities, but you don’t have to quit working entirely if you don’t want to.  Many people continue to work part-time or as freelancers or consultants.  They swear that working is what keeps them young because they get to regularly interact with others and continue to be mentally challenged.

Don’t give up on dating.  Are you entering retirement single?  That doesn’t mean you have to stay single.  There are plenty of ways to pursue mature dating including online sites like that are designed for over 50 dating.  In addition to online dating sites, you can also seek out groups specifically designed for those over 50 and take part in fun activities.  Who knows, you may find your perfect mate there.

Continue to travel.  There are more and more vacation destinations catering to the retired crowd.  You can even find cruises that specifically are for those over 50.  If you like, you can pursue more active vacations such as hiking and mountain climbing.  Sure, you could buy a motor home like your parents might have and travel around the country, but know that isn’t your only option.

Help others.  Many find that when they retire and have more time, they like to help others.  Jimmy Carter is a perfect example of this.  He’s spent years working with Habitat for Humanity, promoting the brand and building houses.  You could volunteer for a business or group that interests you or take a more hands on approach like building houses as Carter does.

If you’re nearing retirement age, don’t despair.  Retirement isn’t as stifling as it once was.  There are plenty of things to see and do.  More and more groups are springing up that specifically cater to those over 50.  Whether you’re looking to find a dating partner, take an adventurous trip or volunteer, there are plenty of opportunities to be had.