As much as you may be in a honeymoon phase after you first tie the knot, it’s important to skip over any honeymoon phase when it comes to your money. In fact, have a budget already laid out before you head down the aisle, and you will save time and money and be able to relax after the wedding. Budgeting can be complicated, especially if you’re planning on joining your bank accounts, but any of these apps can help you both keep your finances organized and easily follow a budget.

Mint is one of the most popular apps for synching your bank account with a budget. You can use the app on any mobile device and on MAC and PC. Start by synching up your bank account and labeling your different expenditures into categories, such as groceries, coffee, eating out, rent, etc. Then you can allot a monthly budget for each category and Mint keeps track of how much you have spent and how close you are to reaching your goal. The app will work the same for a joint account. Try it free.

iBank Mobile

Anyone with an iOS device can turn to iBank Mobile to keep track of your accounts in real time. The app now features Retina display support, search, data export and multi-tasking. Users can also download iBank for Mac and synch their mobile and hope devices. Get it for $4.99.


Mvelopes was honored by PC World in 2006 as one of The 100 Best Products of the Year. This app is designed to help you keep a budget, and claims to help recover as much as 10% of your current income from hidden spending. You can see your accounts in real time from anywhere and work toward paying down your debt. Try it free.


Tipulator is a pretty basic app, but very useful. If either one of you is bad at quick math, you could be under or overtipping without realizing. Setting up an agreed percentage for tipping and calculating it within the dollar can save you plenty over time. And, if you’ve been accidentally undertipping, you can be sure to get back on the good foot with the servers at your regular spots. Try it for $0.99.

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