20 and Laid Off: One Year Later

Tomorrow marks my one year anniversary of being laid off. I can’t believe it’s been a year already. That was a pretty devastating day and set the tone for 2011 early on. I was heartbroken, angry, scared, and just didn’t know what I was going to. The lay off came as a complete surprise, which is part of the reason why I was so upset. The other thing that upset me was that they were still hiring people, and ultimately replaced my position. It showed a lack of loyalty, trust, and faith in people as a whole.

So, fast forward a year later. A lot has changed. We were still able to move and get married. I built my blog up to be what it is today, which is amazing to me, especially with all the support. I became a decent freelance writer/blogger for multiple blogs. I tried my hand as a virtual assistant, applied for hundreds of positions, went on maybe a dozen interviews. Nothing concrete has panned out. I tried to get back into school and have now been rejected 3 times because of my grades, no matter how many times I’ve tried to explain why they were poor. Not exactly where I wanted to be a year down the time, but hey, we work on God’s time, not ours.

I’m really hoping that things will get better soon. Everyone tells me it will but you start to get a little discouraged when it fails to happen everyday. I like to think I’m putting in effort. It’s just not the results I’m looking for. We’ve been talking about it and we’re probably going to move back home, separately. Me back to my grandparents and hubby back to his parents. People wonder why we won’t just both move in at one or the other household. It’s just not going to work. My in-laws don’t understand that right now my only work comes from freelance writing, which is all done from my computer. I’m sure they’d look at me crazy for not going out anywhere, working in my pajamas. My grandparents understand because I did some internships online before. That would cause a problem here. My husband doesn’t think he can live with my grandparents. I can’t blame him; they’re an acquired taste. They have their quirks and I don’t necessarily expect him to adapt to them.

The good thing is my grandparents and his parents only live 3.5 miles away from each other. We can still see each other everyday, but we’d just have to go back to square one. It’s a shot to our pride but one we have to make. I don’t believe we’ll be in this predicament forever but it’ll certainly be for a while. Let’s just hope that another year from now I can tell you about the monumental progress that’s been made.

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  1. JanF


    Briana, this is a toughie.
    I don’t quite know how best to encourage you but I do see your strength in being able to constantly try hard and change plans according to what life throws at you.  Also it is very good that you can tell ahead of time which living arrangements would not work for you.  Better that than get in a horrific situation which could leave permanent bad feelings.
    I am glad the blog is going well for you. 
    Wishing you all the best.

  2. Reply

    This sounds like a pretty tough situation.  Though having the support of your husband and other family members is a great thing to have.  Life may be trying at times, but it much less trying when we have people close to us that are able support us and help us out.  

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    Keep your head high, girl. You’ve managed to build a wonderful blog and have the support of your family and blog friends. 2012 is your year!

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    Hey Bri, you are a hard worker so I am sure you can make it this year if you stick to it. 

    My partner is applying for a PHD in the UK in a place I don’t want to live and although we will live there together I imagine I will spend a lot of time traveling to other places so we will be apart a lot more…. Not the end of the world, we love each other and we can get through it.

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