After All These Years, Do You Know What Your Wife Really Wants?

There is something about married life that seems to follow a pattern, no matter who you are or where you live. The first years are a time of getting to know each other and a time of romance. Of course, there will be that occasional battle because you are getting acclimated to a new way of living and you haven’t yet found that comfortable groove in which to peacefully coexist.

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Both partners are learning to adapt to doing things differently and then one day, you realize that suddenly it just all seems to fall into place. However, after years of marriage and being comfortable in each other’s presence, do you really know what it is your wife wants from you and from your marriage? Most men will admit they’re clueless, so here’s a bit of advice.

Women Want Comfort and Then Again, They Don’t!

If asked what their wives really want from their marriage, most men will say, “I come home after work every day. I don’t go out with the guys and I don’t cheat on my wife. Anything she wants to make her life easier, I find a way to get it. I make her life comfortable and secure. That’s what she wants.”

But, is it? Yes, a woman wants to be secure and she wants to know that there are no others in your life. She likes it that you are home at night and that she doesn’t really ‘want’ for anything. But that’s not all she wants.

Are You Really at Home Every Night?

If you come home and immediately go to your easy chair with remote in hand, are you really at home? Are you really there? Sometimes a woman just wants to talk about the day. She wants your company. That’s why she married you! There’s something to be said about being ‘too comfortable’ and it isn’t going to be something you probably want to hear.

What a woman wants is a little excitement from time to time, a little romance, a candlelit dinner for two at your favorite restaurant. It’s too comfortable and predictable being at home night after night and because of that, there’s something missing. You must feel it too?

She Wants You to See Her – Really See Her

You are getting ready for your annual Christmas party at work and as usual, your wife comes out and asks the same question every wife on every continent is known to ask their husband. “Do I look alright in this? Do you think it makes me look too fat? Does it look like I’m trying to dress too young for my age?”

But, is that really what she’s asking you? What she wants to know is what you think of her. Is she still beautiful in your eyes? You should never wait for her to ask you what you think of what she’s wearing. The moment she steps into the room you should be ready to tell her she looks amazing. If you wait until she asks you, she will think you are simply telling her what you think she wants to hear.

And Most of All – She Wants You

After all these years, your wife wants to know that she is still the light of your life, that she is special to you. She doesn’t want comfort as much as you think she does! Instead of going to the local jeweler on your anniversary to get her that diamond tennis bracelet, order women’s jewelry that is custom made and one of a kind – just like she is. That says so much more than even the words can express.

Your wife wants to know that you still think she’s the most beautiful woman on earth and that you still desire her as you once did. She doesn’t want comfort as much as you think she does. She wants mystery, romance and yes, you! She wants more than a body in that recliner, she wants a living, breathing man who is there, really there. Are you that man? Let’s hope you are!

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