What’s The Smallest Space You Can Live In?

One thing I’ve learned from the multiple moves I’ve experienced is how to adjust to a variety of space I’m allowed. Growing up, I had a nice size room with a walk in closet, with nice shelf space and drawers. When I became a teenager, I moved into the original master (my parents had a second built for them) which had 2 walk in closets and my own full bath. It didn’t take long to fill those closets up, and I had lots of space. Then, we moved to my grandparents’ house, where my living space was reduced. I had an overflow of clothes that went in the garage. When my parents moved to Corona, I had a bigger room there, so I had my things spread out in 2 houses. When they sold the house, most of my things came back.

Then I moved in with hubby (then boyfriend) into a 700 square feet apartment. It was a nice size for us. Then we doubled that size when we moved to our townhouse of 1,400 square feet. Now I’m back to my room at my grandparents’ house. You know what the trend of all these moves are? I always filled up the space I had, and then had too many things when I downsized. I’m trying my best to purge as much as I can and adopt a more minimalist lifestyle. But then I came across this video that put me to shame.

Could you live in an apartment that’s 160 square feet? California’s smallest legal apartment, SmartSpace, puts a new age spin on a shack and makes use of ever single bit of space. With an open shower, an appliance closet, and a futon that turns into a queen bed, the makers of this apartment probably made this space to shame me. It looks very nice, and it does look livable, but I know the majority of my stuff won’t fit in there.

My goal is to eliminate the majority of my things, so the next time I move, I’ll have less clutter and less stress. I shouldn’t be attached to most of these things anyways. It’s like the Pareto principle; I’m sure I only use 80% of my stuff 20% of the time, and 20% of my stuff 80% of the time. That can make purging a bit easier.

Could you live in a SmartSpace?

3 Responses to What’s The Smallest Space You Can Live In?

  1. My first response was oh, no, no, no.  The claustrophobe in me couldn’t handle it.  But with the window and everything…maybe.  If it were just  me.  I sure wouldn’t want to, though.  Just like I’d never want to stay in an economy Japanese hotel. 

  2. Pretty nifty… but the whole thing fits in my master bedroom, so I don’t know if I can pull it off.  I’m surprised that post-wedding we filled a house after being apartment dwellers for so long – lifestyle inflation, anyone?

    So no – not in my current frame of mind, heh.  I’d have to work my way down to it!

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