Weekend Love 9: TNT Training

I got some mail the other day that I just couldn’t throw away. It showed a runner from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I couldn’t tell right away whether it was a solicitation for a donation or if it was actually about training for a run. It was the latter. Team in Training, also known as TNT, is the training program by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It’s a team of fundraisers who participate in half marathons, full marathons, cycling and hiking events. I’ve been trying to get back in shape (even with the breathing difficulties from earlier this week) and I would love to accomplish a half marathon and a full marathon. I’m really considering joining, since they will train you, and a trainer is exactly what I need, as well as to be surrounded by a supportive group of people. I believe the fee to join is $100 + hitting fundraising goals. I’ll have to save up for it but I really think it would be a great thing for me to join. Any TNT runners out there? Would love to learn more about it.

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I have some planning to do for hubby’s upcoming birthday so enjoy your weekend!
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  1. through tnt i did my first half marathon.  i’m in LA thats los angeles and i must say overall it was a positive experience.  the people on the team and the leaders were genuine.
    as an aside, i discovered that i dont like fundraising; that was the only downside for me.  i raised most of the money, but what i didnt raise i had to pay…other than that if you’re great at fundraising its a win-win.

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