We Will Always Love You Whitney

My heart breaks once again as I learned the tragic news of Whitney Houston’s passing. She was found dead in her hotel room on the 4th floor of the Beverly Hills Hilton. She was most likely in Los Angeles for Clive Davis’ Grammy party. Her cause of death is still yet to be determined. Miss Whitney died at the young age of 48. I am absolutely devastated by this, as Whitney is the epitome of beautiful music! No one’s voice matched hers. She belted out notes like no other, singing about love like no one else could. I don’t want to remember her by her battles and addictions, but rather, I choose to remember her by her outstanding talent, her beauty, her voice. RIP Whitney Houston. We will always love you. My thoughts and prayers are with her family, loved ones, and fellow fans.

Here are a few of my favorite Whitney Houston songs. She made the soundtrack of love in my opinion.

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