Taking Action: The GI Diet

So I got my results back from my numerous blood tests, and my glucose went down 50 points, meaning I’m not diabetic. Honestly, I’m not sure how completely accurate that is, as everything was seeming to make sense. However, I am prediabetic, so I’m just going to treat it as such. I do, however, have PCOS, which is polycystic ovary syndrome. Is a hormonal/female endocrine disorder. One of the ways to manage this condition is to lose weight. I’m officially tipping the scales for my height and have entered the obese category. I’m no where near morbid, but I’m definitely not comfortable at where I am.

I’ve tried different things. Changing my diet, alli, green tea, master cleanse, Slimquick, etc. I tried working out and going to the gym. My weight continues to skyrocket at an alarming rate. It’s not just my comfort level, but I really have not been feeling well lately. My fatigue has been pretty scary, my migraines have been unnerving, my sleep pattern is awful, and my vision is compromised. So I’m taking action, for my health’s sake.

I’m going to give the GI diet a try, which was recommended by several associates and recommended for those who have diabetes and PCOS. I bought an eBook on my Kindle about the diet, learning the history and science behind it, what foods are encouraged and discouraged, and what I should expect. I believe it’s a diet I can stick to, and looking forward to seeing the results of it. It’s going to rely heavily on fruits and vegetables, protein, and good carbs. Our freezer is packed with frozen vegetables, we always have boneless skinless chicken breasts, and pasta is still well stocked in our cabinets. Sounds easy enough.

I have to pay more attention to nutrition labels, as cliche as it sounds. I took a look at the juice I have in the fridge to make sure it’s 100% juice with no sugar added. It passed the test. I have some Juicy Juice apple juice, and some other “healthy” juice we got from the grocery store called Cool Juice. We also have a Brita water filter, and I have a BPA free water bottle that’s 24 oz that I’m going to really try to fill and drink everyday. To track my calorie intake, I’m using Livestrong’s Daily Plate, and you can keep track of my progress.

I still have a membership with 24 Hour Fitness, and I really need to utilize it instead of having $30 go down the drain every month. Being active is really going to help. Cardio machines like theĀ ellipticalĀ and the stationary bike are my friend, so I need to go make nice with them, and put these ReeBok EasyTone shoes to work. It’s so hard to get started but honestly, my life depends on it.

Have any of you tried the GI diet? How did it work out for you?

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  1. I’m in a somewhat similar position – I gain weight very easily, and was getting more and more tired and unwell. I tried all sorts of things, but in the end, cutting out all gluten fixed my problem. A lot of people are very gluten sensitive and don’t realize it.
    I would strongly recommend the paleo diet – fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healthy clean meats. Avoid all grains including corn and corn syrups (glucose in anything). It takes about a month for the body to clean up completely, but you should notice a very positive change in your energy and weight. Good luck!

    • That’s a really good idea! I’ll definitely take a look into a gluten free diet and see if it’s something I can transition into easily. Thanks for the tip!

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