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Yakezie Carnival: Setting Your Clocks

The time changed yesterday and why is it that daylight savings time always throws me off? Not just that day either, but it can throw me off for up to 2 weeks. I have no idea why. When we fell back in October, Frankie would wake me up an hour early for almost a month. Yesterday, I was just exhausted. So exhausted, that I didn’t realize what date it was. This was supposed to publish yesterday, so my apologies.

Most of our electronics will adjust for you, while some of your home appliances and car clocks need to be manually updated. What about your finances? What about your marriage? Do you do regular check-ups on those? For both, your marriage and your finances, you should make a conscious effort to set the clock back, and reminisce, and set the clock forward, and make great plans and goals.

Without further ado, the Yakezie carnival ladies and gentlemen!

eemusings @ Musings of an Abstract Aucklander writes Tom and Lynette, you’re breaking my heart – Could you take a backseat to your partner’s career?

Dr. Dean @ The Millionaire Nurse Blog writes The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: Ten Personal Finance Lessons! – You can find lessons and re-enforce important principles of personal finance anywhere if you take the time to look. In the best selling trilogy by Steig Larson, I found quite a few interesting lessons.

Busy Exec @ The “Busy Executive” Money Blog writes Funding the rising cost of a college education – College tuition is one of the largest unknowns to parents also seeking to fully fund an early retirement. If your child is at least 10 years away from their freshman year, you can expect an inflation-adjusted total cost well north of $100,000 for a 4-year degree.

Julie @ Freedom 48 writes 5 Easy (and Painless) Ways to Save – This post explores several different “painless” ways to save – including raises & bonuses, RRSP strategies, gift money, saving the difference and trimming costs.

Sicorra @ Tackling Our Debt writes Fun, Cheap Date Ideas – Dates do not need to be wildly expensive to be impressive. They do need to be fun. Check out these great cheap date ideas.

The Happy Homeowner @ The Happy Homeowner writes Starting a Business and Keeping Your Day Job–It Can Be Done! – Starting a business doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” endeavor. Here are some smart ways for how to launch a business on the side while still keeping your day job.

Christopher @ This That and The MBA writes The 3 C’s to Car Buying – The necessary info when going to purchase that new ride!

Jeremy Waller @ Personal Finance Whiz writes Sometimes It’s The Simple Things in Life – There’s the saying that the best things in life are free. Recently we’ve cut out budget way back to help meet some of our financial goals this year. That means our fun budget is pretty thin right now. But that didn’t stop us from having a great weekend.

Kyle @ The Penny Hoarder writes How to Buy Your First Rental Property – Buying an investment property is a big deal. It is a huge asset for most individuals, and it requires work. Many individuals actually view owning a rental property as being more similar to a small business than an investment, because it involves tenants (customers) and vendors.

John @ Married (with Debt) writes Make a Monthly Debt Budget: Rule 3 – A debt budget spreadsheet puts everything in one place, keeps you focused, and prevents missed or late payments.FREE spreadsheet inside!

Eddie @ Finance Fox writes Do You Budget? – Prior to budgeting I spent money I didn’t have because I didn’t want to feel deprived of anything. I wanted to experience life to the max. I always found a way to justify the purchase to myself, and bought whatever I wanted in the end. Obviously I didn’t think about the repercussions and after years of being in debt I woke up and realized the mess I had created.

Wayne @ Young Family Finance writes Affordable Modes of Transportation – Affordable modes of transportation may seem rare, but they really aren’t that hard to find.

Daniel @ Sweating the Big Stuff writes Gas Prices are Skyrocketing. How High Will They Go? – The cost of gas has gone through the roof. I saw gas at nearly $4.50 last week. in Los Angeles. What will gas prices look like this summer for you?

Jen @ Master the Art of Saving writes Save Money: Embrace Free – One of the best ways to save money is to take advantage of free stuff. It sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes our perception is a bit skewed when it comes to this notion. Why do we sometimes perceive something that’s free to be of lesser quality than what we pay money for?

Jester @ The Ultimate Juggle writes Do You Spend Enough Time on Yourself? – Do you need more time to relax? Find out how to maximize your efficiency and create time for yourself.

Aloysa @ My Broken Coin writes Do You Know Why You Spend Money? – If you think that shopaholics want to go shopping all the time, you are wrong. The urges to run to the blissful place that I call The Mall come and go in waves. Usually it happens on days when I am stressed and feel vulnerable. Here is a list of reasons we spend money.

Jeffrey @ Money Spruce writes Multiple Bank Accounts: Is More Better or Worse? – Opening multiple bank accounts can be better for organizations, but it can also be confusing, too.

Tyler @ Poor Student writes Invest Instead – Why would you spend a dollar that has the ability to become $10. When you think of the dollar invested versus the dollar spent it becomes hard to justify not saving it.

Evan @ My Journey to Millions writes Tracking My Monthly American Express Bill – Since December I have published my American Express Bill in a hope that it will force me to become more responsible with spending. This month tracking helped me find an error I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed.

Paul @ Make Money Make Cents writes Living On Dividends – A few reasons to consider investing in higher paying dividend stocks, as well as a list of great stocks to pick.

SFB @ Simple Finance Blog writes The Not-So-Simple Way To Buy Savings Bonds – I thought the government’s new method to buy savings bonds was supposed to make the process simpler? Why I find fault with the TreasuryDirect system.

Dividend Ninja @ The Dividend Ninja writes Using Dividends For Passive Income In Retirement – written by Hank Coleman My father-in-law was a bank executive for over thirty years at a large regional bank in the United States, and he amassed quite a bit of his company’s stock through options over his career. Now, in addition to his pension, he also has quarterly dividends that support him in retirement. That is the beauty of dividends. They are truly a passive income stream.

Steve @ Money Infant writes A Tax on ALL Sinners – A sin tax a regressive tax that is levied on items considered to be vices such as alcohol, tobacco and gambling. These taxes can also be called a sumptuary tax.

Ryan @ Early Retirement Investments writes Finding Money for Retirement When Your Paycheck is Small – Even if you do not have a large paycheck you should still try to save some money for retirement. Here are some of my best tips.

Ashley @ Money Talks Coaching writes We Applied for a Mortgage Refinance – Well, after much discussion and back and forth we finally applied to refinance our mortgage! We have a rate of 3.875% locked in and we have submitted all our paperwork so now we wait and see what they have to say.

Luke @ Learn Bonds writes What does GM know about savings bonds? – What do you do if you make more cars they people want to buy? A short-term solution is to discount the car through big rebates . .

Jon the Saver @ Free Money Wisdom writes Top 10 Dream Retirement Locations on the Cheap – Retiring in a tropical paradise doesn’t have to cost much. Check out these top ten retirement locations that will leave your wallet alone.

Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes The Government Supports The Rich With Foreclosures – The US Government has tried many times to thwart off the rise of foreclosures from the bursting of the housing bubble. They came out with catchy programs: HARP, HAMP, and now HARP2. Sadly, none of these tricks worked.

krantcents @ KrantCents writes The 3 G’s of Success – The 3 G’s of Success is the Seventh in a series of articles to help you reach your goal. What are your goals? I know you thought about it! You know, it is your dream, wish or resolution you made! Before you can get to where you want to be, you need to know where you have been.

Van Beek @ Stock Trend Investing writes Get Stock Investing Information on Your Mobile – How do you use your idle time to improve your stock investing returns? When you are waiting at an airport, sitting in a train or sipping a coffee, you may like to spend your time as useful as possible. Find out here what you can do.

Hank @ Money Q&A writes Ten Ways To Cut Costs On Moving Expenses – Moving is expensive, but that does not mean that there are not ways to cut costs. You can save a lot of money on your move by planning ahead and thinking outside of the box a little.

Kevin @ Thousandaire writes My Girlfriend Signed Up for PerkStreet – The PerkStreet Rewards Checking Account is a great way to earn rewards for debit card purchases, and doesn’t charge a monthly fee. It’s a great account.

Money Cone @ Money Cone writes Lending Money to Family and Friends – The general consensus is it is a very bad idea to lend money to family and friends. I learnt this the hard way.

Kevin @ Invest It Wisely writes Why I Live in a Condo (and Not a House) – I have written a lot about our first home together, and also about living in a condo versus living in a house. After living in a condo for more than a year, I thought it would be fun to go over the major advantages and disadvantages, and recap just how it’s gone for us so far:

FG @ Financial God writes Why are Manufacturing Jobs Leaving the US? – There’s a neat post on just why manufacturing has been leaving the U.S. to other countries in drove. Why is this? Is it cause of wages? High costs? Perhaps excessive regulation and cronyism has something to do with it.

Beating Broke @ Beating Broke writes How Do You Define Affordability? – People use the term all the time when making purchases. “I can afford it, so why not?” they say as they sign the paper work for a new car, a new house, or swipe their credit cards for that fancy new television. But, can they really afford it? How do you define affordability?

Jason @ Live Real, Now writes 4 Ways to Change Your Finances for the Better – here are four steps that will get you out of debt and, over a long enough timeline, make you rich:

Peter @ Bible Money Matters writes Take Time to Stop and Appreciate What’s Right in Front of You: The Anonymous Violinist – This past week a friend shared an amazing story they had seen on Facebook that clearly demonstrated just how easy it is to not appreciate the extraordinary when it’s right in front of us. We can easily take things for granted, especially when we’re not focused on living in the present.

YPFinances @ Young Professional Finances writes Saving for Tomorrow, Tomorrow (A TED Talk) – Can’t save money today? Not a problem – let’s save money tomorrow! A look at a TED Talk about behavioral finance and how we can change challenges into solutions.

Dana @ Not Made of Money writes 8 Reasons Why You Should Not Transfer Your Student Loan Debt to a Credit Card – The average American college student graduates from college with $25,000 in student loan debt according to CNN. That student loan debt can be repaid in 10 to 20 years. Often, if you stretch it out over 20 years you may have a more manageable monthly payment, but you will spend nearly as much on interest as on the loan itself.

Jon Rhodes @ Affiliate Tips writes What is the best affiliate program? – This article discusses what is the best affiliate program for you formaking money online.

American Debt Project @ American Debt Project writes Frugal/Cheap or Resourceful/Smart? A Debate on Semantics – What word do you prefer to describe your money habits? It can have a lot to do with your outlook on money!

Mr. Money @ Smart on Money writes Money Matters: Avoid Being Cheated – There are simple measures you can take to ensure you are not cheated out of more money than a product is worth.

Justin @ Money Is the Root writes Blog Goals and Updates 2012 – #9 – My goal is to reach earnings of $30,000 from all blogging related activites in 2012. (On goal in January, slightly below goal in February, and I am thinking I can make up the ground in March!)

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes February Progress Monitoring – My goals for the year are fairly simple; save money ($6,000 for the year), continue to grow my blog (375 readers daily), and ride my bike (1,000 miles this year). So how am I doing at day 60?

Kay Lynn @ Bucksome Boomer writes Romance Is Important for Boomers – Despite increasing age, sexual health is still important. Here are a few tips to keep romance alive in the golden years

Suba @ Broke Professionals writes 5 Things to Consider Before Deciding To Pay off Debt or Invest – Owning a home with a white picket fence is beginning to cost more than we expected, not to mention consumerism that is brainwashing us to get the latest deal on a gadget we don’t even need. Because of the way society is shaped, many of us end up in loans we never would have gotten into if it wasn’t for the normalcy we attribute to it.

Evan @ Smart Wealth writes Life Insurance Payback Rider – I recently learned of a payback rider on the life insurance policy; you are able to recover ALL the money you put into the policy if you are still alive at the end, only kicker is that it is about $22 a month more expensive.

Daisy @ Add Vodka writes How Different Debt Relief Strategies Affect Your Credit – There are multiple options for getting relief for your debts. Depending on your specific situation, some debt relief strategies will work better than others. Many times consumers will avoid their debts because they do not know all of the options!

Mark D. Cook @ Pathway to Trading writes ETFs: Stock’s Flexibility fused with Mutual Fund’s Diversification – U.S. Investment Champion and “Stock Market Wizard” Mark D. Cook goes into detail about Exchange-Traded Funds.

Corey @ 20s Finances writes Jobs in College – Part 2 – Are you looking for the best jobs in college? It’s hard to say which one is the best job in college, but it is clear that having a job in college has its benefits as I discussed last week . What are the job opportunities available to college students? What do certain jobs offer to college students? These are all questions that college students have. I’m here to help change that.

John @ Passive Family Income writes What Is the Best Way to Invest Money Right Now? – What is the best way to invest money right now? I wish I had a crystal ball and could tell you for certain, but I can’t. However, I can certainly make some educated decisions on where I plan to invest my money over the next year.

A Blinkin @ Funancials writes I Love Bank of America And Their New Fee Schedule – When you read this title you probably thought I was being sarcastic, but I wasn’t. I know a lot of America is outraged over Bank of America’s announcement this morning to revise their fee schedule, but I’m not jumping on the bashing bandwagon. I happen to love what they’re doing.

LaTisha @ Financial Success for Young Adults writes The Hierarchy of Financial Aid – Financial aid packages such as grants, scholarships and work-study are considered -free- money that does not have to be repaid. Learn about money for college.

MR @ Money Reasons writes Working Two Jobs At Once – Making Twice As Much – My buddy worked two jobs last year at the same time and made twice as much money as he could have normally made by working only one job. Read his story!

KT @ Personal Finance Journey writes Why We Decided Not to Buy a House…. – Many people think that homeownership is the American dream, but I disagree. I’m a proud renter, and it’s not that I can’t afford a house – I can actually afford a really nice, big house. I just choose to rent a nice big house instead. Here’s why…

Jason @ Work Save Live writes Does Fear Control Your Life? – What’s Holding You Back? Why are you scared to take risk – the risk of following a new career path, pursuing a dream job, starting a website or blog and sharing your story? Why are you scared to test your limits and challenge the things that you think you’re capable of?

Wealth Artisan @ Wealth Artisan writes $50 Dollar Amazon Gift Card Giveaway – To celebrate our 2nd blogoversary, Wealth Artisan is giving away a $50 dollar amazon gift card to one lucky reader. Good luck to you!

Robert @ My Multiple Incomes writes Lessons Learned From Homeownership – After owning our home for about 3 years, here are some lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Robert @ The College Investor writes Credit Card Privacy Policies – What Privacy? – Credit card privacy rules really provide no privacy to the user.

Shaun @ Smart Family Finance writes Why It Is Time To Invest In Your Family – Here are a few ways to invest in your family and produce beneficial financial results that could protect them in the long term

Amanda L Grossman @ Frugal Confessions writes Myths and Rituals that Perpetuate the Mystery and Power of Money – Early Saturday morning after several bouts of tossing and turning I decided to go to the living room and grab my laptop for a little flow-of-consciousness

MMD @ MyMoneyDesign writes Is 2 Percent the New Safe Retirement Withdrawal Rate? – Are you planning to withdrawal 4% from your nest egg in retirement? What if I told you some analysts think 2% may be a more appropriate figure. Let’s calculate the numbers and see for ourselves.

Tushar @ Start Investing Money writes The Golden Rule of Smart Investing: Pay Yourself First – It is incredible how many people live from paycheck to paycheck. It might be the way of millions of people, but it isn’t the smart way. It certainly doesn’t make life easy when it comes to investing for your future. If you put everyone and everything else first financially, you won’t have any money left by the end of each month to invest in something for you. Get smart! – pay yourself first!

Super Frugalette @ Super Frugalette writes How Much Will You Pay for “Free” Contraception? – What is a “moral issue” for Catholics could end up becoming one of the largest economic issues in recent years. Hence, you will receive “free contraception” under the Obama mandate. However, the trade off may include having to pay a higher insurance premium or no longer having a job if you work at a Catholic hospital. Both of these options are far costlier than paying for contraception.

101 Centavos @ 101 Centavos writes Canadian Natural Resources and the Ecology of Business – In my day job, I have to scour the planet for the cheapest/best/safest companies to manufacture our company’s products. This gives me a unique insight on companies.

Erika @ Newlyweds on a Budget writes Paying off my student loans – Pay off student loans faster to save money on interest and get out of debt faster.

YFS @ Your Finances Simplified writes Hiring A Financial Planner? 5 Good Reasons Why You Should – Your finances is something that you should always get in order. After all, much of your future and your family’s depend on the financial decisions that you make in life when you were younger.

Corey @ Steadfast Finances writes 5 Inflation Survival Tips That Will Save You Money – Learn about 5 inflation survival tips that will help you save money.

PITR @ Passive Income To Retire writes Proof Owning Blogs is More Profitable than Staff Writing – Ever wondered if owning blogs is more profitable than staff writing? Find out how long it takes to earn more money.

Jessica Streit @ The Debt Princess writes What NOT to Do: Give In to Impulse – Learning to ignore the impulse to spend can be difficult at times. This post provides a few tips to help you get through the urge.

Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff writes Spent $1000 in 24 hours, Ouch! – We bought a new desk, a new office chair, and a new tablet (Asus Transformer).

Money Beagle @ Money Beagle writes Should I Ride My Bike To Work? – Trying to figure out the ins and outs of riding my bike for my short commute, something I was never able to do until this year.

PK @ Don’t Quit Your Day Job… writes Who Gambles in America: Gambling Stats By Income! – Ever wonder what income brackets have the most gambling income in America? No? Well, I graphed it anyway!

Investor Junkie @ Investor Junkie writes Best Margin Rates – Using margin can be a powerful tool, if used carefully. Though finding out which stock broker has the lowest margin rate can be time consuming. We’ve collected the most popular brokers, and list the best margin rates at various deposit amounts.

Karl @ CultOfMoney writes Couple’s Strategy for Building Wealth and Saving Money – Do you want to effectively double your income or more without any extra work? Do you want to effectively cut your expenses in half while still having all the material benefits you have now? Do you want to go to grad school without loans even if you don’t have a scholarship? All these benefits can be yours with a careful application of Couples Strategy.

Miss T. @ Prairie Eco Thrifter writes How to Have Stress-Free Mornings – Follow these 5 tips on how to have stress-free mornings and you will be able to start the day in a calm and relaxed state of mind.

Matt @ Living in Financial Excellence writes Embrace the Difficulties in Your Life – Remember: You can continue to run from your wild beasty problems and blame them for your lack of progress, or you can tame them and use their strengths to help move you toward your goals. It’s your call.

Everything Finance @ Everything Finance Blog writes Know Your Taxes: Income Taxes – United States citizens are responsible to pay a yearly income tax based on their taxable income, which is their net income minus allowable deductions. Many citizens are responsible for paying national, state and local income tax. Interestingly, there are several states including Texas, Alaska, Nevada, North Dakota, Washington, Wyoming and Florida that charge their citizens no state income taxes.

Darwin @ Darwin’s Money writes Apple is the World’s Whipping Boy for Worker Conditions, Jobs, Profits – Fair? – Apple has been catching a lot of flack lately for everything from outsourcing to workers’ rights in China. Deserved? You Decide.

Everything Finance @ Everything Finance Blog writes How Do I Stay Motivated to Pay Off Debt – It can be hard to stay motivated to pay off debt, especially when you’ve already been paying off debt for more than a year. Making sacrfices and giving up buying things and fun vacations for the sake of being debt free doesn’t feel so great until you’re actually debt free. So how do I stay motivated to pay off debt?

Lisa @ Thriftability writes Four Reasons to Stay Home this Spring Travel Season – Even in a rough economy, tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry, one that is kept alive by those who opt to leave their hometowns for their children’s spring, summer, and winter breaks. While the appeal of a luxurious vacation on a sunny beach or snowy peak retreat this Easter holiday season is certainly there, it would be financially smarter to opt out of going with the masses this year and at least stay closer to home this year for the following reasons:

Rick @ Invest In 2012 writes What It’s Like to Buy Physical Silver – Here’s what it’s like to go into a store, pay a 10% premium, and buy bullion silver.

Maria Nedeva @ The Money Principle writes Five differences between women and men and their effect on our relationship with money – Many empirical differences between women and men in the way in which they relate to money and consumption have been discussed and studied. This posts goes a step further and looks at more fundamental differences, such as conservatism, core values and principal ways to resolve situations, and the way these translate into particular PF behaviours.

Edward Antrobus @ Edward Antrobus writes Financing Medical Debt: Did I Make the Right Decision? – Last week, I signed a loan with an 8.5% rate to pay my hospital bill. Was this the right choice or should I have paid it in collections?

J.P. @ Novel Investor writes Beware: ETFs Should Come With A Warning Label – The continued growth of ETFs isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Now anyone can be a trader for a day and the growing number of exotic and specialized ETFs just makes it easier. There in lies the dilemma.

SB @ One Cent at a Time writes IRA Vs. 401K, Should You Rollover? – Should I leave my money where it is or should I roll it over to Individual Retirement Account? Read more to find out what you should do to maximize benefit.

Shilpan @ Street Smart Finance writes 7 Habits to Master the Art of Triumph Against All Odds – No matter how difficult your circumstances are, you can overcome them and be victorious if you learn these 7 habits.

TTMK @ Tie the Money Knot writes Unilateral Decision Making With Money: How Does it Impact a Relationship? – When it comes to couples and money, it’s important to have good communication and the ability to compromise. What happens when person tries to make all the decisions? This post shares an example of such a situation.

Squirrelers @ Squirrelers writes Squirreling Gone Wild #33: The Phantom Tip – Saving money is great, but when it comes to deceiving colleagues, it’s not cool!

Teacher Man @ My University Money writes RRSP Contributions vs Paying Off Credit Card – After the seasonal marketing push for RRSP contributions that we recently seen exert its pressures the last few weeks, it struck me just how single-minded the whole thing seemed to be.

Dave Hilton @ Debt Black Hole writes Financial Nemesis Update: February 2012 Eating Out Total – Dave gives an update on his family’s goal to cut back on eating out in 2012.

Cash Flow Mantra @ Cash Flow Mantra writes Defending the Portfolio – I will be relying on a few main techniques to help protect my portfolio heading into the summer months.

Philip Taylor @ PT Money Personal Finance writes Giving a Car as a Gift and the Gift Tax Exclusion – PT answers a reader’s question about tax incentives for giving a car to a relative.

Jeffrey @ Saving Advice writes Beware of the Company You Keep – Choosing to associate with people who share your values about money will make it easier to handle money issues with your kids, and you’ll be exposing them to others who set the positive example you want to teach. If your kids have friends who don’t get everything they want, it’s easier for you to explain why choices have to be made and for the kid to understand that the people who “have everything” are the minority, not the majority.

Kari @ Small Budget Big Dreams writes Hired Help: Lazy or Economical? – The BF and I have recently been debating whether we should hire a housekeeper. Is, “outsourcing” our cleaning lazy? Or a smart economic decision?

Steve @ The Loonie Bin writes Round Two: The RRSP – Here is the low down on the RRSP; is it right for you?

Glen Craig @ Free From Broke writes The Best 0% Purchase Credit Cards – Want to make a large purchase? Finding the best 0% purchase credit card offer can help you make your purchase as well as gain some nice benefits, payment terms, and more.

Marissa @ Finance Triggers writes 5 Great Places to Travel to visit in Europe on a budget – Listing the top 5 cities to visit in Europe on a budget.

Brandon Crombar @ Shared Financial Success writes How To Sell On Ebay Like A Champ – There are many reasons you may need some extra cash and today I will show you how I made $2,941.80 selling on Ebay in a few weeks.

Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey @ My Personal Finance Journey writes The Importance of a Good Credit Rating – This post stresses the importance of checking one’s credit scores on a regular basis, to help monitor the health of one’s credit and to help spot identity theft before your credit rating is greatly harmed.

Steve Zussino @ Canadian Personal Finance writes Which Canadian stock has risen their dividends the most in the past 10 years? – Rob Carrick, Personal Finance Columnist at The Globe and Mail, on his Facebook page, listed a chart yesterday that showed the top 20 TSX-listed stocks that have increased their dividends the most over the past 10 years. It was surprising to me which company was #1.

Steve Zussino @ Grocery Alerts writes 20 ways to collect Air Miles Rewards Faster – Air Miles is one of the best reward programs but many people do not know what the secrets are on the Air Miles program and I wanted to share 20 ways you can collect Air Miles faster with Air Miles secrets

Lina Zussino @ Baby Alerts writes 5 Healthy Baby Food Recipes you can store – There are so many healthy baby recipes that will give your little one the nourishment they needs. Once you get started with making your own baby food, it will be hard to stop! Here are five simple baby “smoothie” recipes to get you started.

Marissa @ Thirty Six Months writes How to look and act like a business owner – Tips on how to look and act like a business owner, especially when dealing with clients directly.

Kraig @ Young, Cheap Living @ Young, Cheap Living writes Are You Working Toward Your Goals or Someone Else’s Goals? – I summarize my main goals over the next two decades or so and reflect on whether or not I am moving toward accomplishing them.

Michelle @ See Debt Run writes How Much Do Your Kids Know About Money – I ask my kids for their ideas on the value of money, and how much things cost.

Melissa @ Fiscal Phoenix writes Teaching Our Children the Perils of Debt – I want my son to learn to save and wait to buy until he has the cash. I want to break the cycle of detrimental credit use with him. I want him to have a better future. But that begins by improving our future, even if it means struggling financially now and feeling the pain of not having enough money.

Jeffrey Strain @ The Frugal Toad writes 11 Ways to Save Money While Skking – Whether you ski locally or abroad, saving a few dollars while you’re doing it might help you enjoy more trips per year and have a better time while you’re there. Here’s a list of several ways to keep costs down when you go. Hopefully you’ll find one or two you haven’t thought of.

Suba @ Wealth Informatics writes Are men financially irrelevant now? – Education and employment statistics point to a clear and growing dominance in women’s status at home and in the workplace. Are men primed for a comeback or have the old rules changed for good? Are men financially irrelevant now?

Yakezie Carnival October 24, 2011 – Just Do It Edition

Good morning lovely people and welcome to the latest edition of the Yakezie Carnival. As your host, I’ve chosen this week’s theme to be “Just Do It”. Yup, just like Nike. In Yakezie, we live by the motto of selflessly promoting others. We live in a world where it’s every man for himself and people aren’t as compassionate as they used to be. So why should you look out for your friend or your neighbor or someone you don’t even know? Simple: just do it. What harm is it doing to you? Helping someone else brings the best kind of karma, and the best kind of feeling. That’s why I love helping my fellow Yakezians out.

A way I’m helping is by hosting this week’s carnival. I apologize for the delay; I was switching my host over this weekend and it took some time getting everything together. Here we go!

The College Investor: Weird Stock Market Indicators – Funny ways to predict the stock market.

Investorz Blog: How to Survive and Invest Profitably in a Stock Market Crash – Investing in bull markets doesn’t take a lot of skill. But inevitably, the market crash will come. How do you avoid getting killed by the crash and actually profit from the bloodbath? Find out!

Money Q & A: Five Things to Do with a Raise – Believe it or not, people in America are still getting pay raises and earning promotions. So, the real question becomes, what should you do with your pay raise?

20’s Finances: How to Land That Job? – Find out if the advice of ‘playing hard to get’ can apply not just to dating but also help you land that job.

Personal Finance Whiz: When Should I Refinance My Mortgage? When Does It Make Sense to Refinance? – Last year I refinanced my house. Rates have come down even more since then. If you haven’t refinanced, now is the time to do it. This post shares exactly what I looked at when I made the decision to refinance.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job…: Are Personal Checks Obsolete? Why the Future of Payments is Paperless – It’s a guest post, but an interesting look at the decline of the paper check to newer forms of payment like PayPal and ACH. Welcome to the brave new world of money transfers!

Sustainable Life Blog: Changes and Opportunities – Are you waiting for a big change in your life to accomplish goals you’ve been putting off? what sort of advantage does that provide?

krantcents: Are You Obsessed with Goals? – Are you obsessed with goals? You must be focused, have a plan, and a compelling reason to reach your goals.

My Journey to Millions: Am I a Complete Hypocrite? Or an Opportunist? – When I was complaining to a buddy the other day about how ridiculous the Occupy Wall Street people are…he responded that I was a Hypocrite. My response is that I am an opportunist looking out for myself.

Invest It Wisely: In Defense of Food – A Book Review and Giveaway – I recently had the pleasure to read “In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto“, by Michael Pollan, which teaches us that in spite of the growing commercialization and industrialization of the food industry, it is still possible to enjoy food and to do so in a healthy and sustainable way.

FamilyMoneyValues: What Will Happen to Your Business – Do you have a succession plan for your business? If your family’s business is a public company, in which the family is a majority shareholder – you probably do have formal succession plans. But what if your business is a sole proprietorship and depends on your unique talents? What are the things you need to think through to build one?

Living in Financial Excellence: Top 5 Signs You Are Addicted to Shopping – 5: Your night out with the guys starts AND ENDS at Bass Pro Shop 4: The “Home” setting on your GPS is “The Mall Of America”

Live Real, Now: Make Extra Money Part 6.5: Why I Do It the Way I Do It – This is a follow-up to part 6 of the niche site walkthrough, Setting Up a Niche Site. Several people have asked me to explain why I use the plugins and settings I use. In this installment of the Make Extra Money series, I’m going to explain every choice I recommended last time.

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Finance Friday: The Most Awesome Job in the World and the Worst Job in the World

Being retired, it feels a little weird to be thinking about best and worst jobs – I’ve had several of each in my past. However, looking forward is what we all should be doing, so if I was starting out today to find my path, here is what I would look for and run from!

Best Job

My best job could be any number of specific positions in any number of companies (including my own!), but any job qualifying as a best job would have these characteristics:

  • entails a variety of functions
  • allows control over my own work
  • is aligned with my interests
  • provides opportunities to learn and try new stuff
  • allows me to work both indoors and/or outdoors
  • has a mix of physical and mental activities
  • is challenging, but not overwhelming
  • surrounds me with good people – funny people – amicable people
  • allows me to work my own hours
  • provides for non-work hours (no on call)
  • gives me a chance to run things
  • has a business and model I believe in
  • provides a good company culture
  • is in a company that does innovative things, that is striving for something great
  • pays well and has good benefits
  • involves marketing, projects, leading others and creating something
An example of my idea of the worlds most awesome job – one that has a job opening today, is with the
National Park Service. Chief of Planning and Environmental Compliance – Katmai National Park and Preserve. It pays over 100K a year; lets me work indoors and out; is part of a great endeavor (national parks are awesome); puts me in charge; exposes me to new learning opportunities; and challenges me to deal with projects, people, regulations and many other things.Another example of a best job (and one that is also available today) is being an Intrepreter-volunteer coordinator at Steamboat Lake State Park, CO. I could work indoors and out; lead and mentor park volunteers; be involved with ensuring folks enjoyed their state park in Colorado; control my own work; and perform marketing activities related to training programs which I get to develop.

A dream endeavor would be to develop my own private park, building it up to an established park and a and popular place to go, and then donating it to a city or a state.

My best job that I actually ever had was being a Software Development Manger at a financial services institution. It paid well, had great benefits and good people (along with it’s fair share of not so nice ones). The position let me lead people and dealt in creating new applications for new products in a company that encouraged innovative thinking. It didn’t let me work outside, and though the service and products were needed and important, they weren’t world shaking-ly awesome. I was also on call 24/7.

Worst Job

Any job, no matter how perfect, can become a nightmare if the people or conditions irritate you. My worst job is one where I:

  • stand up – especially in one place – all the time
  • do hard physical labor all the time
  • have no say in how things are run
  • do repetitive tasks
  • have no chance to grow, learn or move up
  • am in a company whose structure prevents my success
  • have a controlling boss and/or uncooperative peers
  • get low pay and poor benefits
  • disagree with goals of company
  • am in a company that does illegal or immoral things
  • work with patronizing people – ones who put me down
  • get no training to meet company expectations
  • am on call, have long hours and/or work weekends
  • am away from home a lot
  • have to punch a time clock
  • have to deal with angry customers all the time

A job I would hate to have – one that is available today – is a manual laborer for Amazon fulfillment. Even the job description makes it sound bad – repetitive work, standing up all the time, lifting heavy stuff, working under a deadline in a sometimes too hot, sometimes too cold environment. Most likely it requires punching a time clock, specific start, break, lunch and stop times and probably is dead end.

Another job I would not want – and is available today – is a maid at a senior care facility. It’s not that I object to doing the housework (after all I do it at home all the time), it’s that I think the atmosphere would be depressing, the environment would probably be stale and smelly and the position would be responsible to everyone else in the joint – nurses, nurses aides, family members, desk clerks and etc. There would likely be little outside work. I probably would be required to work set hours, punch a time clock and would have no opportunity to learn anything new. Although I could probably control some aspects of my work, there wouldn’t be much opportunity to create something important.

Don’t get me wrong. I would take either of those jobs and do the best I could at each if I needed to support myself with the income – or take care of someone else with it. It’s just that they don’t conform to my idea of a great job.

In real life, I did have a maid job once summer, for a few weeks. I cleaned motel rooms. This was back during the civil rights unrest days.  Most of the cleaning crew were black and I am not. I had trouble getting the clean sheets, toilet paper and other supplies needed to do my job cleaning rooms. I also didn’t like it when, after knocking and not getting an answer, I opened the door to find some guest still in the room.

Another real job I had that wasn’t the best was a position as sales supervisor at JC Penney. JC Penney was not a bad company for which to work, but the position I had called for me to roam the entire store, dealing with temporary help that was not performing well and irate customers bringing back things like used underwear and expecting a return. I was cursed multiple times by Penney’s lovely customers – especially during the holidays – as I tried to maintain company policy over returns. Then, typically I was overruled when the customer went on up the ladder to higher management – who gave their money back. They should have just changed company policy and let me give the money back!

What do you look for in a job?  Are their any jobs you absolutely would not do?  What was your worst and best job?

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