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Setting Up a Bra Budget?

The other day, I saw a Victoria’s Secret commercial that advertised one of their new miracle bras. The push-up bra is supposed to boost your cup size by 2 cups! Fascinating! I’m usually not a sucker for such advertising, but this definitely interested me. I’ve shopped at Victoria’s Secret before, but I’ve never bought a bra from there. I only buy their underwear when it’s on sale, like 5 for $25 or 7 for $25 if they’re really generous.

So I went to the website to learn more about this new bra. What came next was sticker shock. $49.95 for a bra?! If I had water in my mouth, I probably would have spit it out on the screen. I texted my BFF, who buys all her intimates from Vicky’s.

Me: Would you spend $50 on a bra?

Her: I’ve spent $80

Me: What?! Does it give you tits from heaven or something

Her: Mine normally run me 40-50. Lmao it’s just Victoria’s Secret man. I got that miraculous one (that’s the one I was looking for). I normally get Very Sexy (one of the bra brands)

Me: I’m looking at them online and I’m like “you’re kidding if you think I’m spending $50 for a tit holder”

Her: LOL I thought that was normal

Me: For one bra?

Her: Yea! LOL

Me: I’m sorry but dude. I must be cheap. There’s one that goes up to $98! Bruh. Nah.

Her: Lol it’s that VS life

Me: Am I doing my boobs a disservice?

Her: Umm idk lol if my boobs were bigger maybe I’d feel differently?

Me: Mine are only a B cup. Maybe I need to spend the cash?

Her: Lol u may!

Me: Lmao man I’d need a whole new budget

Her: Lol well I only have like 7 or 8 though

Me: Bras total?

Her: Yea. You don’t need a lot lol it’s just boobs

Me: Interesting lol

Her: I mean, do your boobs sweat that often? Lol my bras last a long time lol

Me: No but I just figured you need more bras lol how often do you re wear them

Her: Every day duh lol you do laundry like once a week? It last me lol

Me: Imagine that!

Her: Lmao ?! What ??

Me: Lmao I just never knew the world of bras. I usually wear a different one everyday. Unless it’s my favorite push ups, but I thought it was like a sin or something

Her: Lmao I rotate them. Then circle back around. I wear them twice before I wash them. I thought that’s what you’re supposed to do lol

Me: Well I mean I never asked so I never knew. I must have more bras than anyone I know

Her: Lol I hear if they’re cheap normally people have a lot. I guess cuz they don’t last? idk

Me: Yeah. I had to throw one away last week because the wire came out and started stabbing me

Her: Yeah see THAT will never happen with VS bras

Me: This has been quite a lesson. I think I need to go bra shopping

I also took to Twitter to ask my lady followers about bra prices and preference. Victoria’s Secret was a favorite for some, and too expensive for others. Some ladies had spent $75 on a bra, while others chose the range of $20-$25. We mentioned how they’re not just for us, but for our husbands too. I never thought about that. I probably should have gotten a clue when my husband knows when I get a new bra.

So I went shopping at Ross, where I usually do my shopping, and got some new bras. Again, straying away from expensive ones but looking for quality still. I got new bras and underwear for the price of 1 Victoria’s Secret bra, and I’m not ashamed. I just think spending that much on underwear is just ridiculous, even if it’s for my husband. I don’t expect him to max out a credit card for new boxers, no matter how nice or flattering they are.

Do you splurge on intimates? Are you a loyal VS shopper? Am I just being cheap?

Financial Goal Setting for Couples

Financial issues are one of the top reasons cited for divorce in the United States, and that’s a very sad thing. After all, money should just be the tool we use to reach our goals together, not the wedge that drives us apart. Re-focusing on some solid, defined goals always helps; it keeps one partner from feeling like the money police while the other feels controlled. Whether your goal is saving for a wedding, house, car, vacation or children, you’re more likely to meet it if you sit down as a couple and really focus on what you want and how you’ll get there.

Talk to Each Other

Most importantly, talk to each other. A lot. Every step of the way, in fact. First, you have to agree on the goal. If one of you is saving money with a family in mind and the other is thinking of kids after a fabulous European vacation, you’re set up for disaster.

Even if you agree on the goal, you still need to talk about the time frame. One of you may feel strongly about buying a house as soon as you can save a down payment; the other partner may want a house just as much, but they want to wait until they have a better job or have completed some higher education. You have to come to an agreement, or you’ll both end up frustrated.

Finally, you need to agree on the budget. One partner may be the soul of frugality and be prepared to put every available penny towards saving for your goal, while the other wants to live a little during the saving process. You need to have a goal-saving amount you both agree on, as well as a budget for “fun money” you both agree on.

Talk to Family and Friends Who Have Been There

Once you have your goals clearly worked out as a couple, talk to your family and friends about the goal, whether it’s saving to start a family, buy a house or take a vacation. What pitfalls did they run into? Did they spend years saving for a house only to discover that their credit was lousy, putting a home purchase on hold? Or maybe they scheduled a dream vacation and then forgot to get their passports, causing a rush order, extra expenditure and extra stress? Any tips you can get from them could save you heartache down the road.

Do Your Research

Don’t just really on word of mouth, make sure you do your own research. Let’s say you’re saving for a house. You could forget to factor home insurance into your budget, for example. Once you realize your omission, get online, compare home insurance quotes, and add a reasonable house insurance estimate to your budget. And don’t forget to keep your partner up to speed on any changes.

Talk to Experts

Anytime you’re setting a big goal, it’s wise to talk to an expert. Starting to save for retirement or your baby’s college education? Get informed on the best way to save that money for the long term. Want to buy a house? Go into the bank when you start saving and have a chat about what their requirements are. Then you won’t spend years saving money only to realize that you have too much other debt or credit that’s not good enough to get the loan you want.

The best part about so deliberately setting goals this way is that it puts you and your partner side by side, dreaming and building your lives together instead of bickering. Cheer each other on and talk, talk, talk. You’ll be on your way to reaching your goal in no time.

Financial Goal Setting for Couples is a guest post by Sabrina at Home Insurance Comparison.

Catering Your Wedding on a Budget

One of the most expensive aspects of a wedding is the food. Catering can take up a great portion of the wedding budget. When you have your wedding at a venue that requires you to go with their catering, you’re looking at about $40/plate and up. So that means for 100 people, you’re spending a minimum of $4,000 just on food. And that’s on the cheap end! When I was looking up places to have our wedding, we saw food and beverage minimums between $7,500 and $10,000. That’s about $75-100 per plate, and sometimes the food is hit or miss! In this economy, that’s absolutely unacceptable. So for those brides who want to save money on your catering budget, this is the route I suggest:

Choose a Venue Where You Can Bring Outside Caterers

Unfortunately, the wedding industry is full of sharks, profiting off the happiest day of your life. They’re not all that way, but many places are. They know many brides will spare no expense when it comes to the day they’ve been dreaming about all their life. Instead, take matters into your own hands. Find a venue where you can bring outside caterers. An in house caterer may sound convenient, but it can get very pricey. When you have options, you have room to negotiate.

Check With Your Favorite Restaurant

Many restaurants do outside catering, and have great prices. One of my favorite restaurants had great catering prices, and more options than many of the venues with in house caterers. If you’re a frequent customer, tell them that, and let them know you’re really interested and having their food at your reception. Restaurants may be more flexible with their prices, and many times they will give you a lot more bang (food) for your buck. In some cases, you might even be able to get some of their restaurant workers to serve the food.

Choose Lunch Over Dinner

There are “prime times” for weddings, where you’ll pay top dollar for premium time slots. You will most certainly pay more for a Saturday evening wedding than you will for a Sunday afternoon. If your heart isn’t set on a particular date and time, consider having your wedding during the afternoon, where you can have lunch as opposed to dinner. Lunch portions are sometimes smaller, but always cheaper. That way, you can have the same great food for a greater price.

BYOB & Cake

Another ridiculously priced aspect in the catering budget is the booze and the cake. If you have a bakery in mind, go with them. This is also a great opportunity to support small businesses when it comes to your cake. You could get some Cake Boss quality at your local bakery if you show them your ideas. Our cake came out amazing! When it comes to the alcohol, ask if you can bring your own to the venue. You can stock up on all your favorite liquors and champagnes at places like BevMo or ordering ahead online. Find your own bartender, and make it happen!

BYOF: Bring Your Own Food

Depending on where you’re having your wedding, your best bet may be to provide your own food, and just hire chefs to cook it or servers to handle the food. This may be your best option when it comes to saving money on the food bill. You buy the food from wherever you’d like. This will save you money on markup, especially if you use store sales and coupons. Either you can make the food yourself and have a team of people serve it, or buy the food for the chefs, and they make the dishes. I watched Extreme Couponing and one lady spent about $150 on thousands of dollars worth of food. It was genius! When I renew my vows, this will most certainly be an option.

These aren’t the only ways to cater your wedding on a budget. What are your suggestions?