Setting Up a Bra Budget?

The other day, I saw a Victoria’s Secret commercial that advertised one of their new miracle bras. The push-up bra is supposed to boost your cup size by 2 cups! Fascinating! I’m usually not a sucker for such advertising, but this definitely interested me. I’ve shopped at Victoria’s Secret before, but I’ve never bought a bra from there. I only buy their underwear when it’s on sale, like 5 for $25 or 7 for $25 if they’re really generous.

So I went to the website to learn more about this new bra. What came next was sticker shock. $49.95 for a bra?! If I had water in my mouth, I probably would have spit it out on the screen. I texted my BFF, who buys all her intimates from Vicky’s.

Me: Would you spend $50 on a bra?

Her: I’ve spent $80

Me: What?! Does it give you tits from heaven or something

Her: Mine normally run me 40-50. Lmao it’s just Victoria’s Secret man. I got that miraculous one (that’s the one I was looking for). I normally get Very Sexy (one of the bra brands)

Me: I’m looking at them online and I’m like “you’re kidding if you think I’m spending $50 for a tit holder”

Her: LOL I thought that was normal

Me: For one bra?

Her: Yea! LOL

Me: I’m sorry but dude. I must be cheap. There’s one that goes up to $98! Bruh. Nah.

Her: Lol it’s that VS life

Me: Am I doing my boobs a disservice?

Her: Umm idk lol if my boobs were bigger maybe I’d feel differently?

Me: Mine are only a B cup. Maybe I need to spend the cash?

Her: Lol u may!

Me: Lmao man I’d need a whole new budget

Her: Lol well I only have like 7 or 8 though

Me: Bras total?

Her: Yea. You don’t need a lot lol it’s just boobs

Me: Interesting lol

Her: I mean, do your boobs sweat that often? Lol my bras last a long time lol

Me: No but I just figured you need more bras lol how often do you re wear them

Her: Every day duh lol you do laundry like once a week? It last me lol

Me: Imagine that!

Her: Lmao ?! What ??

Me: Lmao I just never knew the world of bras. I usually wear a different one everyday. Unless it’s my favorite push ups, but I thought it was like a sin or something

Her: Lmao I rotate them. Then circle back around. I wear them twice before I wash them. I thought that’s what you’re supposed to do lol

Me: Well I mean I never asked so I never knew. I must have more bras than anyone I know

Her: Lol I hear if they’re cheap normally people have a lot. I guess cuz they don’t last? idk

Me: Yeah. I had to throw one away last week because the wire came out and started stabbing me

Her: Yeah see THAT will never happen with VS bras

Me: This has been quite a lesson. I think I need to go bra shopping

I also took to Twitter to ask my lady followers about bra prices and preference. Victoria’s Secret was a favorite for some, and too expensive for others. Some ladies had spent $75 on a bra, while others chose the range of $20-$25. We mentioned how they’re not just for us, but for our husbands too. I never thought about that. I probably should have gotten a clue when my husband knows when I get a new bra.

So I went shopping at Ross, where I usually do my shopping, and got some new bras. Again, straying away from expensive ones but looking for quality still. I got new bras and underwear for the price of 1 Victoria’s Secret bra, and I’m not ashamed. I just think spending that much on underwear is just ridiculous, even if it’s for my husband. I don’t expect him to max out a credit card for new boxers, no matter how nice or flattering they are.

Do you splurge on intimates? Are you a loyal VS shopper? Am I just being cheap?

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  1. I’m with Michelle. I find for my size (40dd) they offer the best hold/support. I love the Body by Victoria brand for bras and undies.

  2. Even the bras you say are expensive are pretty cheap in NZ! Here even crappy ones start from about $30.

    I’m an A cup so can get away with buying random bras from outlet stores. I have a lot of large chested friends, though, who need to spend closer to three figures on their bras.

  3. I am not VS brand loyal by any means but I have found that the couple of bras that I have bought from there as opposed to Ross (which is also where my bras usually come from) are better quality and do a better job. I did, however, splurge on the push up bra from VS b/c I tried it on and fell in love. I didnt know my A-cups could look like that! But I got it on clearance for about $40. None of the other bras I have from VS have been more than $30.

  4. I usually buy my bras from Macy’s, JCP and sometimes but not that often VS and even Lane Bryant online though. They don’t sale my size in store (36DD). But they all seem to work well for me. No wire problems ect.

    I’ve never spent more than$70 on my bras. But I have a rule the bigger you are the more you NEED to spend. I have a girlfriend that is a 36G and she spends $130 plus on her bras. . .but of course right!?

  5. I saw this conversation on Twitter, and I really, really wanted to participate….but you explicitly asked Gentlemen to hush.  Although, quite frankly I think I could have added legitimate value to the conversation.  “Why?” you ask?  Well, it’s because I do quite a bit of shopping in this arena.  One of your other commenters mentions that a woman’s intimates are also for their husbands….true statement that both Vonnie and I would wholeheartedly agree with. So, if they’re also for us husbands, why would we not take an active role in the selection process?  Some men are intimidated by walking into VS and shopping..not me, I think it’s hilarious to walk in there and see the look on the salespeople’s faces when I explain to them *exactly* what I’m looking for.

    Ok, so that being said… my world, the $50+ bras are a “specialty” that are purchased only when a coupon comes in the mail (if you get on their mailing list you constantly get coupons and free panty coupons in the mail), or their on sale.

    The cotton variety go on sale 2 for $49 pretty often..and that’s when the majority of the shopping occurs.  That’s $25 per bra, which isn’t quite as outrageous.  They come in lots of pretty colors and styles and, as mentioned by a previous commenter, the quality of VS is generally pretty darn good.

    Oh, and my wife makes them look spectacular.  :)

  6. My first credit card was a VS Angel card, which I can happily say has a 0$ balance now. I think VS bras are good quality and it’s nice to get fitted in the store. I too usually only go there for there 7 for $25 underwear sale. The only other place I shop for these intimates is Target, so it’s Target or VS for me. At Target you can get a decent bra that is cute for anywhere from $10-$17, which is a great price. I have had these bras last me two years. My VS bras also last a while, but also have more variety (racerback, push up, more padding, T-shirt). I make a point to only walk into a VS store for special occasions, birthdays, Valentines’ Day, etc.. Also keep in mind VS has a semi annual sale, which is usually twice a year where they really do slash the prices, so if you really do want to try out a VS bra- try it then. Also I don’t buy my bras online, but I do buy VS clothing online (sometimes only place they sell it) and with all the coupon codes you can save a bundle. 

  7. I love VS and theirs is the only store card I have (since they send out such good discount and freebie coupons).  Their Miracle bra adds two cup sizes but it also has  much padding as a life jacket.  It adds two cup sizes with stuffing poke it and you feel padding, nothing’s crazy!  

     I started buying VS because you have the option of never leaving the store with an ill fitting bra as they offer fittings and a changing room.  Too many times I’ve gone to Target to buy my size only to find that it’s not cut right, is uncomfortable or fits poorly.  I’ve wasted several $15 bras at Target this way, so not frugal!

    If you’re on the fence I’d buy one and see how you like it..then if it’s a winner save up and buy others.  I love ‘em!

  8. Bras can be expensive.  Especially when you get to the bigger sizes.  VS does not even have my size most of the time so I end up in the dept stor or lane bryant.  The price is always more than I like.  I try to spend in the $20 range but that means waiting and going through the clearace ones to get the $20 price.

  9. VS is all about quality, which is why I stopped buying intimates from other stores.  The bras are investments because you’re spending between $42-$55 on average but these bras will last years.  PLUS with their new return policies (which are much more customer friendly) you can replace bra straps and even replace bras if they do have defects or break.  Regardless, you really only need 4 bra styles in your wardrobe: One for Friday nights, one for everyday, one to work out in and a multi-way for strapless occasions. So, spend $200 and don’t think about it for the next year at least!

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