Physical Separation: 1 Month Update

It’s almost hard to believe that’s been a month since hubby and I packed up the townhouse, packed up Frankie, and headed to our new/old homes in Carson. But alas, it has been. A whole month since I frequently slept next to my husband, with Frankie at our bedside. We’ve been back under the “supervision” of our family, and separated physically. It’s been hard, but we’re still married and still holding strong, contrary to the belief of many people surprisingly.

Since the move, hubby and I have had quite the time adjusting. Frankie has too. Rules and respect for our elders are in full effect. Frankie’s been rebelling, and we’ve been stressing. We have made sure we carved out time for each other, which has included me sleeping over at my in-laws a few nights, and even a hotel stay. We go out to eat with each other, and keep in constant communication via text and phone calls. Obviously, it’s not the same as living under the same roof, but it’s like we’re dating again, which can be seen as a positive and a negative.

I, for one, have taken this time to try to focus on myself individually. Admittedly, I got really wrapped up in my role as a wife, rather than my role as, well, myself. I let my health get bad and didn’t give it enough attention. I allowed stress, anxiety, and depression get the best of me. Am I still struggling? Hell yes. But I’m actually doing something about it. Mainly exercising.

If you’re following me on Twitter, then you’ve probably been seeing my updates regarding getting in shape. I joined a group called Black Girls Run, I bought a bike, and I returned to the gym. I’m tracking my progress online on my health blog, The Health Life Balance, as well as manually in my FitBook. I’m amazing myself and others with my small victories. I just posted on Facebook that even though I run slow, I’m going faster than millions of people on the couch!

Hubby has been wonderfully supportive, which is awesome. He was so surprised when I called him from outside his house, and there I was, on my bike. I had biked almost 6 miles to Target then over to his house, and biked home too. He’s cheering me on with running and encouraging me to hit the gym with my friend who’s been somewhat training me. Hubby still gets his burger cravings though, but I’m making better decisions nutritionally.

I bought Frankie a new harness, leash, and treats yesterday. I’m officially putting him in obedience classes at Petco, which my mom has graciously offered to pay for. The support keeps going! This move has proved to be trying, but also has proved to be helpful in a number of ways. Obviously, not having to pay rent is a huge plus, and being able to focus on getting myself together while I wait for the next step in the Sheriff’s process is a blessing. And I can’t stress enough the enormous amount of support I’ve been receiving from you, the readers. You guys are amazing.

So please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Send all the positive energy you have to spare to us, as it’s much appreciated and much needed. Our 1 year anniversary is approaching in 2 months! I can’t believe it. It’s been a rocky ride, but we are both still hanging on. Amazing, isn’t it?

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  1. I am so glad that things sound so positive for you- and I am happy that you still have Frankie!
    No rent- that is a wonderful bonus,  just keep it in mind when the inevitable stresses occur!  Best wishes to you.

  2. Hi: Looks Like this can and will make you and hubby a stronger couple…I will pray that everything works out..Being MrFrugalFrank i try to live way below my means…Even though “We” still have some improving to do..(We are in our mid 50’s)…Life is full of many twist and turns so most of all hold on and enjoy the ride..God Bless

  3. So glad to hear that you all are still going strong! I’m back on the fitness journey too.  It’s amazing how much we’ll let ourselves go when we become wives and mothers. Sending prayers your way!

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