Marriage Monday: Divorce is Too Easy

Ladies and gentlemen, the inevitable has occurred. Just months after I celebrated Kim Kardashian getting engaged, she files for divorce from Kris Humphries. I’m disappointed to say the least. Many people saw it coming from miles away:

“You thought they were really in love?”

“You really thought they would last?”

“I knew it wasn’t genuine!”

I like to think I’m an optimistic person. We don’t know them personally. We don’t live with them. We don’t know their ins and outs. People marry quickly after meeting. They could’ve truly been in love and made it work. Her sister, Khloe, married Lamar Odom after only knowing each other for a little while, and they’re still holding strong. Why couldn’t Kim and Kris?

My mom had said she saw on TV that Kris had boxes a few weeks ago as if he was moving out. I said there had to be an explanation. Hubby refused to believe they were truly in love when he glanced at the wedding special with me. He gave them 3 months. I gave him the side eye. I wanted to know why people were so quick to judge Kim after a mistake she made years ago. Who are we to judge how someone feels about someone? So why am I more than disappointed? I’m frustrated really. They’ve been married for 72 days. According to TMZ, their wedding was almost $10 million. Why on earth are they getting divorced?

What Can You Learn About Your Spouse in 72 Days?

Kim’s reason for divorce is “irreconcilable differences”. This means there are differences in your marriage that are so severe, married life is just about impossible. Now how in the world do you know that in 72 days? When you get married as quickly after dating as they did, not much. Whatever was the case for them to go to divorce, these things should’ve been found out during dating. Did she hate his favorite color? Was he tired of her leaving hair on the floor? Did they not agree on what restaurants to eat at? Whatever it is, I bet it would’ve been found out if they would’ve taken the tie to actually get to know each other before tying the knot.

Your Wedding Cost How Much?!

$10 million people. You read that right. Now, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Their wedding was beautiful in every way. Kim looked gorgeous, the venue was beautiful, even the food looked good enough to eat digitally. They had all their family and friends there. It looked to be the event of the year. But they spent so much time planning a wedding, so lavish and expensive, that they forgot to plan their marriage. They’re not the only ones who’ve done this. So many people do this, there’s books written about it. Take some time to plan your marriage. Your wedding is 1 day. Your marriage is supposed to be forever, but in their case, it was only 2 months.

Pre-Nupt a Recipe for Disaster?

I’ve been known to say that I believe when you focus on getting a pre-nuptial agreement, you’re almost anticipating divorce. You’re planning for things to go wrong. And that it did. Hubby and I didn’t get a pre-nupt, but many will say that’s because we’re broke. You’re probably right! They have a lot more to lose in a divorce than we do. While they have millions at stake, hubby and I would probably argue over who gets the Mac and who gets the iPad (Frankie is staying with me).

Divorce Is Too Easy

I’m disappointed and frustrated because it’s like they didn’t even try. Did they seek counseling? Did they read books? Did they pray? (Not the option for everyone). Did they take time apart? Did they talk it out? In 72 days, I don’t think they exhausted all their options. Divorce is way too easy; staying married is hard. I’ve been married for 5 months now. That’s 3 months longer than them. Now, granted, I knew my husband for nearly 4 years before we got married. I knew what I needed to know before he popped the question. Has it been easy to whole time? Hell no. I’ve at times thought “was this the right decision?” But we definitely have tried more than they have. We’re not making divorce an option. Our plan is to work through every problem.

I’ve vented enough. I’m just disappointed that there’s yet another divorce. I don’t care as much who it is as I do that yet another role model for young girls (like it or not, there are girls who look up to Kim K) is showing “find a guy, have a ridiculously expensive wedding, then get divorced when things don’t go right). Goes back to my post about relationships not being sunshine and rainbows.

Let me have it, or let Kim and Kris have it. Do you even care? Did you see it coming? Is divorce too easy nowadays?

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16 Responses to Marriage Monday: Divorce is Too Easy

  1. Sad to say, I always thought their marriage was a publicity stunt. Too quick, too publicized, too over the top. I had thought they would make it last longer for appearances sake, so I’m a little surprised by 72 days. I would have said 6 months.

  2. I bet the prenuptial took longer to draft than their marriage lasted, and I’m sadly not joking.

    Yeah, I do think the divorce rate is too high.  However, I’m in the camp of believing that the ideal divorce rate isn’t 0.  Theoretically, there are some cases of physical and emotional abuse which should lead to divorce – the threat of divorce (financially and otherwise) is a disincentive for some forms of negative behavior.

    However, 45% or whatever we have in the US today is probably not that ideal number!

  3. Even for Hollywood, this is a very quick relationship. I can’t say I’m surprised they are getting a divorce, but it is much sooner than I thought! I like your take on things: divorce is not an option. Too many couples today actually count it as a way out, a way to a better life if they “make a mistake”. I’m old school, like you, most relationships did not have to end in divorce, and many of those probably had it counted in the equation from the beginning. Work through it all, you can do it!

  4. I don’t
    really know who they are, but 72 days…oh my! I couldn’t imagine giving up
    after such a short time. I totally agree with you, there’s no way they truly
    tried to fix anything in 72 days. If you love somebody enough to marry them,
    you can’t just give up like that.

    My husband
    and I dated for a year, were engaged for 7 years, and have now been married for
    a little over 2 years. We might have met when I was 20, but we still took our
    time and really got to know each other. We still haven’t had our first fight
    and really focus on communication and compromise, which I feel is really
    important stuff in relationships—aside of course, from love. 🙂

  5. I don’t follow them, but I was surprised to hear how fast the marriage ended.

    I do think there are too many divorces today.  It’s just too easy and the implications are far-reaching and plentiful (especially if children are involved) but peeps just seem too selfish to see it, or worse, to care.

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