Is Generation Y Opting Out of Marriage?

The follow is a guest post I begged my best friend, Reneé* to write for me. She’s 21 and dating.

A few days ago CNN sent out a report stating the marriage rate in America is at 51%, an all time low.  I’m sure none of the general population is really in shock at the statistic, but I must admit being a 21 year old in a relationship I found it discouraging.

We constantly hear we’re having more baby showers and less weddings and “we live in a generation of not being in love” (compliments to everyone’s favorite emo Canadian rapper), but are we really on the steadfast track to an anti-relationship central? Maybe, yet personally I think its all a mental game. What I really question is not the importance of marriage and relationships, more so the way culture and values have plummeted in the past decade.

I look around at all the trends and mindless behavior young adults make themselves susceptible to and just ask one question…WHY? Has this generation really become so brain washed by the constant media bullshit we can’t even see right from wrong? Are we reinventing values to cut down morality so we can rewrite testaments that permit fornication, stealing, gluttony and greed? If that’s so it’s a shame and it makes me almost hope the end times are near.

Many have forgotten the basis of communication and unity is love. Without it surely we’re doomed to succeed in even the most basic things in life. But hey, I’m no Dr. Love, so for now I’ll just set my own goals to keep my own views that love isn’t dead. Hopefully life, LOVE and the Pursuit of Happiness still lives on in more of us than we think.

Do you think Generation Y is getting the milk for free instead of buying the cow? Will the marriage rate continue to plummet? Why do you think it’s so low now?

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