If We Owned Our Townhome

Hubby and I are 2 weeks shy of our 1 year anniversary of living together. We spent the first 6 months in a one bedroom apartment 4 minutes away from his job. It was a nice first place. Our bathroom was nice sized, we had a few upgrades like crown moulding, paint, a community pool and exercise room. What we hated was the fact that the laundry room was far, our parking stalls weren’t next to each other, and the downstairs neighbor played video games into the wee hours of the morning. Nonetheless, we were grateful to have 700 square feet of our own space. We broke our 13 month lease to move somewhere larger and less expensive.

In February, we moved into a townhouse we’re leasing from a former coworker’s mom. It’s double the size (over 1,400 square feet), has a 2 car garage with laundry hookups, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. We sacrificed crown moulding, paint, and an exercise room for a smaller community but bigger living space. There are some nice things about the place, including a backyard (not large but big enough), but it’s definitely older and needs some work. We signed a year lease and plan on using the whole year.

We would love to buy this place, but realistically we’re not in financial shape to do so. We have $0 savings for a down payment, as well as debt and only one income. This frightens me a bit because I don’t know where we would move if we didn’t get to stay here. When you upsize, you tend to fill up space, and going back to a one bedroom apartment would not be ideal. We’d definitely have to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Not the worst thing in the world, but not #1 on my list.

If we owned our townhome, there would be several upgrades I’d like to do. I watch HGTV all the time, especially House Hunters and Property Virgins. I like our location (even though we’re around the corner from a middle school and high school, and there’s an elementary across the street). We’re close to an amusement park, grocery stores, parks, city hall, hospitals/doctor’s offices, police stations, and the freeway. Our neighbors are nice, and we’re the youngest couple in the community. No crazy shouting of World of Warcraft gaming coming from downstairs, just guitar strumming on one side and a odd neighbor on the other).

Back to the upgrades. What would I like to change?

  • Tile: We have some tile in the entryway that’s definitely out dated. I’d change that out to some lighter, larger tile.
  • Paint: We have bare, white walls. I haven’t had those in years! I’d love to add some nice colors like tans, blues, and greens.
  • Linoleum: We have some linoleum in the kitchen that should definitely be replaced. I’ve seen nice linoleum / false tile that we could put in.
  • Lighting: Our kitchen light flickers, the 2 recessed lights downstairs are old, and the bathroom lighting is dated as well. I’d like some newer light fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Bathrooms: We have 2 new toilets, so that’s good. I’d like all new bathroom fixtures for the sinks. I like those glass sinks because they have a more modern feel, but hubby thinks they’re weird. I’d definitely change the shower heads, and if possible, I love the look of small, colored tiles. Put some lights over the showers for ambient lighting too.

Those are just a few things I’d change to start. In my home growing up, we pretty much gutted our house and turned it completely upside down into a beautiful home. I guess I get my taste from that. What would you remodel in your home?

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