I Sold My Crap!

I have so much stuff. No, hear me out. I have entirely too much stuff. By stuff, I mostly mean clothes. I’m my mom’s only child, and for that, I must admit, I have been spoiled. I never asked for a lot, and she’s admitted because of this, she over provided for me. In high school, I easily filled up 2 walk in closets and a dresser set. When we moved to my grandparents house, I had to downsize. But, my mom kept shopping. When I moved in with my husband, our apartment had a HUGE closet in our bedroom. I can admit I took up 75% of that closet. I’ve always cleaned out my closet at least every 4-5 months, but it would constantly be refilled.

When I clean out my closet, I’m pretty liberal. If I know I’m not going to wear something again, it gets tossed. When I gained weight, initially, I tried to hold on to my prized clothes, but when I realized the weight wasn’t falling off like I wanted it to, I became a realist and put them to the side. I had 2 crates and 1 bag full of clothes that was 4 feet tall. The clothes have been sitting in my garage since our recent move. I had every intention of heading to the Goodwill but never had the energy.

My grandma knew of a restaurant that had some vendors who sold things on the first weekend in the month. She inquired about setting up a spot to sell our clothes. Since my mom is on vacation, we decided to set up shop. We’re all recovering shopaholics. My mom went through her storage facility and got some of her things too. Saturday, we came too late to sell, so we set up shop on Sunday. Most of the clothes were mine. So. Much. Stuff.

I didn’t necessarily do it for a “profit”; I had no need for these clothes anymore. I was willing to let them go between $0.50 and $3. I had jeans, t-shirts, blouses, dresses, all from my high school and beginning college years, pre-weight gain. Clothes were flying fast. I easily had about $1,000 worth of merchandise, but like I said, I just wanted to get rid of the stuff. We made $200 selling our clothes, and gave away a hefty bit of it when we were getting ready to go. We weren’t regular vendors; we were just shopaholics trying to get rid of some clothes. A lot of the other vendors there bought from us to resell. We didn’t care; for some people, this was their job. It felt good to help out.

We sold quite a few clothes to some teenage girls, and ended up giving them a lot of clothes for free. Some ladies who sold women’s clothes also were given some of our things before we left. They were so thankful. We were so happy to help. Like I said, these people do this to make ends meet on a regular basis. Why jack up the price? I feel so relieved that I didn’t come home with any of those clothes. I came home with some pocket change though. I should’ve done this a long time ago.

I still have more stuff I can sell or give away, and we just might set up shop again. My mom and grandma still have their own clothes they can sell as well. I’m sure this experience will get them cleaning out and packing up for the next sale. It was pretty fun too; I met some really nice people, provided clothes for the upcoming school year for some girls who may not have been able to get that much this year. What an experience.

Have you ever sold your clothes or things swap meet style? Have you ever gave away things that you were no longer using anymore? How did you feel afterwards?

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  1. I’ve only done garage sales in the past… 

    Normally everything is the same price for tops and shirts ($1 a piece, then 2 for $1 after 5 items…) that way you don’t end up with a lot of stuff after the day is done. ) 

    and after a certain point I always remember just giving stuff away…. It feels good to purge… I do it every few months or so. 

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