Finance Friday: Conquering Credit Before 30

Credit is something that is important for everyone, but especially for young people. There’s not enough education about credit, including how to use it properly, how to boost your score, and even what you need it for. Who do I blame? The education system of course. Parents partially. The media for sure. But I digress. There’s now a solution. There’s someone who gives a damn about our credit, the credit of 20 somethings going out into the real world. That person is fellow personal blogger, client, and friend of mine name Martin Dasko, author of Studenomics.

The Credit Card Manifesto

Martin, also known as MD, addressed an issue that has been a touchy subject for Generation Y: how do you use credit cards responsibly? Do you just flat out ignore the booths at your college? Do you opt out of getting a credit card at your favorite store for that 15% discount on your purchase? He answers those questions and more in his new book The Credit Card Manifesto: Completely Conquer Credit Before You Hit 30. Finally, a fast track way to get credit under wraps before you get full speed into your career and family.

This premium guide has everything you need to know about credit cards. Even the mascot on the front is a true translation as to how 20 somethings feel about credit cards: burning your pocket, just waiting to be maxed out. A lot of what you hear about credit cards is negative or tries to get you. In the guide, you’ll learn the benefits of having a credit card and using it properly, as well as the consequences if you abuse the power that’s given to you with money that’s not yours.

How the Guide Is Useful

  • Mandatory actions: In a lot of books, guides, and courses, you’ll find tips and hints and suggestions. Not in this guide. You get a mandatory action, something that you have to do if it applies to you. It’s all about taking action, getting off your butt and attacking credit head on. There’s nothing passive about this approach. Face your credit fears and it’ll be conquered in no time.
  • Deep and quick thoughts: What’s a guide without thought provoking ideas? Martin gives you something to think about, marinate in, and meditate on. It challenges you to think outside the box and come up with your own opinion instead of what you’ve been hit over your head with. You have the chance to make the right decision on your own, and we all know how important that is for 20 somethings.
  • Put it down: Some of us are speed readers and want to get through something as soon as possible. We’re used to cramming. That’s frowned upon in this guide. Occasionally, when MD thinks you’ve have enough knowledge for the day, he tells you to stop reading. Put it down. Allow the knowledge to be soaked up. It helps you retain a lot more information than a 1 sitting read.

Why Credit Cards Are Good

As personal finance bloggers, we’re determined to get you out of debt and not become a slave to consumerism. However, credit cards get a bad wrap. In the guide, you find out the good side of credit cards. You can get perks like insurance, assistance, and even points towards free things. It’s a great way to budget and build your credit.

Why Credit Cards Are Bad

The Credit Card Manifesto gives you the good, the bad, and the ugly. You learn what the true consequences are when you mishandle your credit cards. One of the best things about the guide is that it tells you to not focus on the negative. It’s attempting to change your mind about credit, and give you a different way of thinking about it.

Why You Should Buy The Credit Card Manifesto

Nothing worth having is free, you knew that right? The same goes with the Credit Card Manifesto. MD spent years immersing himself in the personal finance field, finding out what works and what doesn’t work. He put a lot of hours into making this guide, and his passion shows in the pages. If he gave the information for free, honestly, you wouldn’t appreciate the lesson as much. You wouldn’t have an investment in making your credit work for you. When you buy this guide for $17, you will find that you have a reason to conquer your credit completely before 30 years old. You’ll be more inspired, motivated, and focused. I am, and I want you to be too.

You should buy The Credit Card Manifesto because it finally makes the information simple and plain. It’s easy to follow, simple to digest, and it’s going to help. The methods and resources are tried and proven. Wouldn’t you rather spend $17 to get out of debt instead of spending it on something that won’t get you any further in life? Don’t take my word for it. Go check it out for yourself!

This is a review of The Credit Card Manifesto: Completely Conquering Credit Before You Hit 30. I was given a free copy of the premium guide to review, and I am also an affiliate for the program. If you purchase the guide using one of my links, I will be compensated for it.

2 Responses to Finance Friday: Conquering Credit Before 30

  1. I think there are plenty of great free sources out there for understanding your credit, but linking to those won’t earn a commission.  It probably is a good book, but your total lack of criticism makes it seem like you are just trying to make a buck.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way, but I can assure you this isn’t the case. This article was written prior to me finding out there was an affiliate program. Sure, there are other great free resources for understanding your credit but 1) they’re not tailored specifically for 20 somethings (which this book is), 2) it’s written in completely technical terms (while this guide is in a language you can understand) and 3) I’ve yet to come across them (while this one was written by someone I knew and trusted). Can you fault me for “trying to make a buck” in the process? If you’re a frequent visitor of my site, you’d know my financial situation as well.

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